July 18, 2022


Krakow, Poland


Hannah Johnson

Cross country...polish granddad...sprinting as cars zoom by

Hallo! Hallo! Hallo!
This week, Sister Johnson and I took a jaunt across the country. Literally. We got on a train that had legit Harry Potter car things and we sat there in a packed cabin for almost nine hours! Folks...that's about as long as it took me to fly from Chicago to Poland! What! There's something wrong with that picture!
The train itself we almost missed due to a transfer of platforms. Social ques and divine guidance were the only things that got us onto our trian. Bless up!
Anywho 9 hours later we were met with the cool Baltic waves and the peaceful sounds of nothing but the occasional seagul. It was like i had stepped into a whole new called Gdańsk. 
From the train station, we took another train to a members house....where I found my polish grandpa. Even if he doesn't claim me as his...I've claimed him as mine! Haha! 
The next morning...after crashing the hot tiny appartment of sister ponds new home...we walked around like chickens with our heads cut off trying to find a magical place called the Urząd. Luckily several angles were placed in our path to guide us to the right place. Sister Johnson was able to get all legal-ed up with only a few minor hitches.
A walk through the rynek (to which I drolled over), a yummy burger (also to which i drolled over), and only a 6 hour train ride this time (to which i droolled on bc i was ZONKED) and we were home! 
A few days later we got dropped off by a bus on the side of a highway...with a fatty two miles left of our destination to a members house. We decided to walk the rest of the way but quickly discovered a problem. There was no sidewalk and we were on the side of a freeway. So we did the only logical least to four 19-20 year olds...we sprinted in a single file line with about 8 liters of juice sloshing around in our bags! 🍼 (my momma taught me to never go to a park empty handed...) It was also sister Johnsons birthday and while I was stressed out of my mind trying to surprise her with a gift, she came in clutch when she insisted that I had to get food secondary the barbecue (only after her the birthday girl) when the hosts insisted that she get food first (the birthday girl)!
And that ends my week and brings us back to a blessed Monday filled with weird and random purchases at various weird and random stores.
Let's just say im grateful for angles, AC, companions, and credit card limits! By the way I really don't have a spending habit...yet. 😉

Cześć!Siostra Jones


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