July 4, 2022


Krakow, Poland


Hannah Johnson

..the end of an erra!

Dear everyone who enjoys reading about my crazy adventures in poland,
IT IS AN END OF AN ERRA!!! After 11 o' clock today, I will not be in a trio! This is a big step here my friends! I have been in three different trios and I've only be out for like 4 months! I have already had 5 different companions! I not sure I'll know how to function after Sister Pond leaves, but'll get to hear all about those crazy adventures so lucky you!
In other news, the Poland, Warsaw mission is now going to have 3 zones in stead of 2! Also there will no longer be missionaries at the boarder. 
All this news comes now becuase it is transfers this week! Sister Johnson and I are staying in Kraków though. We are gaining a few missioanries to Krakow and also loosing some but we are excited notheless! 
And the biggest bit of news I have for this week is that little Jackson got baptized!!! IT WAS AWESOME! For all yall not up to date in the logistics of a Poland baptism...I shall fill you in right now. Those living in warsaw are the ones who get dunked in a font.'s a pool or the sea! 🌊 We don't have a sea here in Krakow but we definitely have a pool! It was odd for a Utah girl but it was fun and still very very spiritual! Jackson was a bit nervous at first, but he knew that Heavenly Father wanted him to be baptized so he did it anyway! Likewise, his sister Jordan was tasked with giving the opening prayer in front of all the people who came. And despite her being nervous, she knew that Heavenly Father would want her to share her testimony through her sweet prayer. She bravely got up and gave the most thoughtful prayer I have ever heard come out of a 10 year Olds mouth! Jackson also asked me to share the musical talents that I dont have by conducting the music! And then we realized that we didn't have a piano player. But we have a magical piano that plays when you push a button. Except that particular function was not working. So they asked me to play. Two songs that I barley even knew. Trust me I was pooping my pants. But i figured if jackson and jordan could do something scary, i could too! So, I stumbled through the prelude music and then a true tender mercy came when Sister Kucza walked through the door! Haha! But for reals! When Heavenly Father asks you to do something hard, do it! He will give you the strength that you need! I promise! And that is a promise coming from a it has some weight behind it!

Love you all!Siostra Jones


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