June 27, 2022


Krakow, Poland


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Dzień Dobry!!
The week has been a less stressful one but also that doesn't mean anything...becuase less stressful on a mission in the middle of a foreign country is still more stressful that a championship volleyball game even if it's game point against your rival and your down by more than half of the points in the match...! Shout out to that time we almost lost at Emery...haha!!
Speaking of volleyball...last pday we tried to play volleyball. In the sweltering heat. Right at the peak of its most swealteringness...we were sweating buckets. Literally. 
Then we had zone conference again. We got up. At 3:30. Hopped on a bus. Then another bus. Then a tram. Then a trian. Train was delayed. Sprint-walked from the train station in Wrocław to the chappel. We participated in zone conference and then we got food. We then had about 2 seconds to get back to the train station. We walk-sprinted. And made it with time to spare...only becuase the train was late in departing. Really late. Which is a blessing and a curse. Blessing because we didn't miss it. Curse becuase it put us getting back really late. Like 22. We get on the train. It is sweltering. Muggy. Hotttt. Our window is broken. And it also smells like stinky feet and broccoli. We had to sit on that train for 3.45 hours. The last of which was spent with our heads out a random window like a bunch of golden retrievers. Did we look like psychos...yes. Did we care...not enough to return to our assigned...muggy, hot, humid, and gross...seats! We got off the train. Finally. Only to discover that the bus...the ONLY bus that takes us to our home...had left 15 minutes prior and would not be returning for a other 54 minutes. Thats all. 
I also had to drink a shot of teriyaki sauce. It was awful and it ended up all over the shirt...and somehow in my eyeball. Which burned like you don't ever want to feel. Shampoo in your eye is nothing compared to teriyaki. Trust me on that one. 
I also got a friend to come to church! We hadnt even met with him yet but I invited him to come and he did! He's awesome and we are teaching him now! Oh! And we have a little 8 year old that is getting baptized on Saturday! I'm so excited for this cute one! He's basically my best friend! 😉 

That's all for me this week! Love you all!


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