June 20, 2022


Krakow, Poland


Siostra Pond

...keep your hands and feet inside the ride at all times...

Whatsssz uuuup!!!?!!?!!
First i would like to say that I have made it a goal to send more group emails...but that was before we knew we would go to an AMUSMENT PARK for pday! How crazy is that? It was a blast! The park was really big (bigger than lagoon) and the rides were pretty fajne (cool)! We went on the biggest and fastest first. And then becuase it was so good we did it again! It went extremo fast! Like the fastest ride I have ever been on. Also scary because there is only a bar by your waist that keeps you in. There is nothing over your shoulders like they do at lagoon...which is a whole new level of exciting and terrifying! Then we went on a ride that was like bat and wicked had a baby which was sicccc! And then here comes my favorite....!!! Picture cannibal had a baby with the white roller coaster...ya absafreaking terrifying!!!! AHHHH! It was soo good! You have just about the same safety bars as you do on the white roller coaster but you go as fast as you do on cannibal and just as high and just as upside down and 90° as you do on cannibal! Talk about making your stomach do a few flips!! Haha! Overall 10/10 would recommend so if your thinking of making Poland a part of your sumer vacay...might wanna add it to the list!
WE PUT SOMEONE ON BAPTISM DATE! His name is Igor! We met him last week and we had our first phone call which isn't considered a lesson by the way and he told us that was looking for something. Which was a pretty good indicator with where he was at with his life. Anyways we set up a lesson and then that day like a couple hours before the lesson my companion sister Johnson got the prompting to do a baptism invite on him. And we all felt good about it but it was also nerve wracking because it would be our very first lesson with him. We get into the lesson and everything was NOT going for us. He seemed distracted, he couldn't hear us, his answers to the questions were going the way that the invite was set up to really was looking like a train wreck. But one second of courage and a lot of faith from my companions and me led to Igor committing to one of the best decisions he will ever make! God is good! Promptings are real! He loves his children!
We got dumped on with rain.
I hate fish. I love onion rings. Somehow fried squid is better than onion rings. Someone do the math cuz it dont make sense to me!To qa aq I also had my first slushie in poland. Yes you heard this right! My FIRST one! I have been going through withdrawls and trust me when I say I did not hesitate to by the duże one (big one)! That same cup now serves as my juice cup to has become a greater addiction than even the one i had before my mission which is an issue! Buuuut eh I could be addicted to worse things...
And I was the first eye witness to a domestic abuse/violence case. Ya. Oof. Here's the story. I was walking down the street with my comps in the rynek. There is a bajillion people everywhere. A bajillion people. And i just happen to look across the street and I see this man and this woman. The man is pushing a stroller. And the man and the woman are extremely mad. At each other. And then all of a sudden they start slapping each other. And then beating each other. And then more screaming and then they go into this alley and I tell my companions and we just stand there stunned out of our minds watching this all happen. And before we could even formulate sentences the woman runs off and the man is left there with a baby in a stroller. Who is screaming literal bloddy murder at the top of her lungs. Despite that though, we seemed to be pretty much the only people on the whole busy street that noticed it. We stood there watching the man and the screaming baby for like at least five minutes trying to decided what to do. We decided to pray. Which was the best decision we could have made. Then we thought to call one of the elders in our district who just happened to have been in the Marines before his mission. He came running. Literally. He went into full military mode. While him and his companion were on their way, the man pushing the stroller started to walk and so we followed. We were safe dont worry. The elders met up with us and we pointed out the man to them and then we decided we needed to find the police. In this busy city center. But by the goodness of God, a car drove by and i happened to look inside amd see at least three policemen. We were stunned and the car continued to drive away. But the elders chased down the police and we continued to follow the stroller as safe distance. Also another child appeared next to the stroller man amidst this endeavor. He was probably like 12. And then the elders found us with the police and the police were asking me questions in Polish and I was trying to respond in Polish that made sense and also I was speaking English and looking at the others who know better polish than me to translate. Apparently they didn't get the memo that we knew where the guy was because they tried to get us to show where it had happened. We went in that direction for like 19 steps before someone finally said something that made sense to them. We stopped and turned around and the stroller man was gone. So we all split into companionships and went looking and we came up empty handed. So then police left. Us missionaries circled up...all of us trying to process the fact that we lost the guy with the stroller. And me trying to process the fact that I had witnessed stroller man and his wife beating each other. And ya we were all praying like crazy. And then there appeared the stroller man again! It was a miracle. We made a game plan...the elders found the police and we followed. Police chased the man to a which the wife randomly appeared out of...and both of them had a nice long chat with the police. So ya. Also i don't know if i said this but polish police are terrifying. The carry the swingy stick things that you always see in movies and they are extremo intimidating. Having to try and explain what I had witnessed in broken polish made me want to puke and poop at the same time...but I guess there could have been worse first interactions...right?
Thats about all for me folks! Remember that God is in the details and that promptings and prayer are real!Love you all!
Siostra Jones


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