June 6, 2022


Krakow, Poland


Siostra Pond


Dzień Dobry!

Heavenly Father blesses us each with talents. Before the mission I had a few key talents. One such talent was that I could burn just about anything in the kitchen! No I am not kidding. And if any of yall know me...yall know this without a doubt!!! I also know that Heavenly Father blesses His missionaries! I do belive that He had blessed me with all the talents of a good chef! I bet yall couldn't have guessed that one!? Trust me if I didn't have photo evidence I wouldn't belive it either! But seriously! I have managed to make FRIED CHICKEN that us YUMMY on not just one but TWO OCCASIONS! I'm telling you...I give Kernal Mustard a run for his money!!
Heavenly Father also blesses us with callings that create talents. I do belive that the Lord is trying to make me the greatest choristor of all time becuase after having to lead the music every Sunday for all of the mtc I had to lead it at the departing devo for all of the missionaries! On the big screen! Well let's just say that after that i thought I would be done with the leading of the music part of my life. Only to get to Poland and be called as the branch corrister! I now pick the music every week and do my best to stay on beat while singing in polish and waving my hand to the pattern that is 6/8 and smiling so I dont sare away the people we invite to come to church. I do get to put the white numbers up on the board at the front of the chappel which I have secretly always wanted to do so at least there is that...!
One thing that I miss is mexican food. I miss it more than I know what to do with myself. But I've found two suuuuper yummy places and I will be content until I get which point I will be eating all of the Mexican food in the entire United States! 
As missionaries, we teach everybody the gospel...including a very distinct group. Snails. Yes we taught the Resto and Commandments to a family of Snails. We even made sure they had a copy of the Book of Mormon! If your confused...I would advice you to just look a the pictures. It will make more sense...maybe not enough sense but it will make more...!
That's all for me this week! I encourage you to ask Heavely Father what is one talents that he has already blessed you with...and what is one talent that he needs you to develop? It might be surprising what he tells you! Haha! Love you all!

Siostra Jones


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