May 30, 2022


Krakow, Poland


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...I am a handfull...all the j?zyk's...

Hey yall!!!!!
So sorry for the no email for like a bajallion weeks. It has been INSANE over here in the land of the Poland!! But I have lots to catch yall up on so prepare yourself!
Apparently...I am a handful! In the mtc i was given two companions. When I got to Poland I was given another two companions. And when one companion left for the border, I was given yet another companion to replace her. I'm telling you..apparently I am a handful and one trainer isn't enough to contain me! But will i say that the trio life is the way to go...ABSAFRUITLY!!! I can't tell you the number of times i have laughed my head of these past couple of weeks!!
The members and the work here... amazing! We have refuges everywhere and so many are ready to hear that Christ loves then and can help them! It's so exciting! Despite the fact that there a bajallion languages all around (russian, sergyc, ukraininian, English, polish) we can still communicate what the spirit is telling us to! The lessons are all amazing! And the people we are teaching are amazing!! Ahhh!
Let mw just tell you...that staying up for 20 hours is NOT A GOOD IDEA. And it is especially NOT a good idea for ME to say up that long. Now all yall are probs thinking "ain't that against some mission rule?" My response to that would be ABSOFRUITLY! There is one exception to that rule. Zone conference. We were forced against our will to get up at 3:30. Yes, folks, that is 3:30 AM! We then traveled on a bus to the train station where we then traveled on a tram to Wrosław. Which might I add is a 3 hour journey. Then we stayed the whole day and our train didn't get us back until 22 or 10pm. And then we have an hour train ride back to our apartment. So 23 is when I went to bed. And then had to get up at 6:30 in the morning. Trust me I was running on fumes and sugar. Not a good thing. I think my comps think I am psychotic. 
I love hearing all the languages here! I hear polish. I hear Ukrainian. I hear syrgic. I hear russian. I hear English. I hear my companions gibberish. But through the gift of matter the situation...if I need to know what the people are saying I will! It is crazy but it is such a blessing to me! I am so grateful to be a missionary amongst all these amazing people! I love them all!
I hope yall are doing good! I love yall! 


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