May 9, 2022


Krakow, Poland


Siostra Pond


Dzień dobdy yall!!!
Plane rides: main thing you need to know is that i slept. Mostly becuase there was nothing else to do because i felt too guilty to watch a disney movie.
Airports: we talked to a few polish people in the airports...using our broken polish mixed with what we remember in English and a lot of hand signals. Some were nice and someone absolutely terrified me. Most were definitely nice though.
Jet lag: Lowkey it wasnt that bad. All my mtc buddies and I all wake up at like 3am and had a little chit chat because our bodies decided that was gonna happen. I do wake up like a whole hour before the alarm every day bc of the birds so thats fun. But they are pretty so it's ok.
Dzień Jeden: We went finding as soon as we got of the plane! We talked to some really cool people! It was a lot of fun to test out my polish in actual real life situations! 
Trio: Despite having to say goodbye to my mtc trio...I got put into a another trio! One is russian speaking and the other is Polish! Just like me! They are awesome! But I will still miss my girls Sister Sessions and Sister Godfrey lots and lots!
City: I am in Kraków right now. Kraków is in the South sorta by the border. A lot of the people thay we are teaching are refugees. Also my companionship is opening this area again to sisters so we have a tiny teaching Pool but it is getting bigger as we go. Kraków is also super toursity and It's Kinda boozy lowkey so thats fun! We have a mall and It's giant!!
The Rynek: I have officially fallen in love...with a bunch of buildings...that are a bunch of different colors...that are really old. AND I LOVE IT!!!! Also...lowkey went to a castle today. No big deal. I was only fangirling for like an hour...okay maybe more like two hours...two and a half...?
Language: The language is crazy. In the mtc they teach how people talk in the north. But I'm in the South so it sounds odd but I'm picking it up. My trainer says that i have a good polish accent so there at least that. Ive been trying to memorize the first vision in polish and so ive been reading it a ton. And then last night when i was going to bed i was thinking about my day and somehow at the same time i was reciting the first vision. Which i don't every understand how i was doing that because i didnt every know i was doing it. It was like subconciously. But anyways when i noticed that i was doing was more than half way into it and it was part the part that i always i legit did it all my memory subconciously! WHICH MEANS THAT I KNOW IT! And id bet money that if the Spirit told me to that i needed i would be ale to. It was weird but cool. So ya. I have said the whole first vision no mistakes by memory. Haha
Appartment: The bedrooms are too small for three we have set up camp in the living room. Which is hillarous and wonderful at the same time!
Church: Church was crazy. Our building has room for like 50 to 60 people at max and we had 105+ there last week! Soooo many people were crammed into this tiny tiny building! It was chaotic!!! We NEED a bigger building!! But it's good that so many people want to come closer to Jesus.
Small world: Sooooo...turns out that Poland is the place to go to see the friend that moved across the US after sophomore year that casually knows all of my cousins and even served in russia with one of them!!!! WHAT! Meet Spencer yall!!

Thats all for me! It's a big HI to yall from Poland!!!
-Siostra Jones


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