May 2, 2022


Provo MTC (Missionary Training Center)


Maddy Godfrey

Technicalities, timezones, technology, triumphant, and tmemories (no that isn't a typo...I just had to keep with the theme of words starting with t...)

Heyo yall!
As per the innovation of email has been pre typed and schedule sent over email. So TECHNICALLY this is me from last week still. Nonetheless I hope you enjoy it all the same. 
In case yall missed it...I'm going to Poland. And if this sends the day that I told it should read it while I am en route to said Poland...or perhaps even already there. But that all depends on time zones and technology.
As for the little battle of "whose more stubborn" that I had with the travel office...I would have to say that I came out triumphant. My parents must be inexpressibly proud! I think I checked my email every second up until the itinerary came...but nonetheless it did come!
Now here comes my favorite mems of the mtc... some of which are explained through pictures and some of which i will kindly ask you to use your imagination for...
In no particular order I give you you...
1. Starting and ending the mtc with a stache
2. The cupcake (provo temple)
3. Conference
4. Getting packages and mail
5. Banana creamies
6. Random feasts including but not limited to the following...chips and salsa, crymbl, cup of Ramen, pizza bagels, munchables, Cadbury eggs, dumbdums, and gummies of all shapes and flavors. 
And 7. and all the other memories that I cant remember at this time...
Mucho dzięki to my comps and district and zone and branch...yall are amaze!! And for all yall that love and support me from afar...mucho love to yall! 
Love, Siostra Jones


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