April 27, 2022


Provo MTC (Missionary Training Center)


Maddy Godfrey

"What a mess!" (Titled added by mymission Admin) - lol


I refuse to belive that i will get to leave this place...until I get my flight plans. I am this way in the hopes that by doing will somehow speed the travel office up at sending them to me. So far this logic has not worked. So it's a battle of who is most or the travel office. Anyone want to place a bet? Check back next we to see who won. 
Despite the fact that I am exercising my agency to be stubborn...I have started packing. And by started packing...I mean that I have dumped all my clothes into my suitcases and then sort of organized them. And dumped all my food in a box. And then chose to leave the suitcases open on the floor. So if sister Godfrey chooses to murder me before Monday...I guess it resoves that conflict. 
In other news...remember linguine? The tall man that made fun of my height. Ya he taught us again. And yes there is now actual photo evidence of his height compared to mine. And just because I am a nice person. I will include it below. Aaaand also becuase he is probably the best sub that I could ask for. Reason seen below...
Reason: so pre mission I had a sick gig. I was working 9 to 5 in Disneyland....nah I'm just żart-ing with you (not to be confused with shart-ing @sister godfrey)...anywho I had an awesome gig drawing house plans with one of the bestest persons on this entire planet. And i pretty much fell in love with the words line, stretch, and fillet...and the measurement 6' 8". Ya I'm weird I know but everybody's got at least one thing that they go nutzo about. Mine just happens to be drawing houses. Anywho long sorry short the sub asked us what we would be doing if we weren't in the mtc. I said drawing houses. He looked at me like I was in fact nutzo. I explained myself and either the spirit prompted him or he was straight teasing me...but he offered me the whiteboard marker and an opportunity to geek out. Trust me I took it. So for the next 30 to 40 minutes WHILE HE PROCEEDED TO TEACH CLASS I got to draw his future home on the board. And somehow it was one of the most spiritual classes that I've ever had. All I'm saying is if I ever had any doubts about whether or not God loves me...they are 100% gone now! I for sure know that God knows and loves me! And I also know that he loves and knows each of you. And if you aren't sure...ask him. He will tell might be as weird as a linguine teacher giving you a red whiteboard marker...but hey the lord does work in mysterious ways!!
Anywho! Life is good here in provo...for now...maybe...

Love Siostra Jones!


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