April 20, 2022


Provo MTC (Missionary Training Center)


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...stuffed animals + uno clan + mammals + starszy's breakfast + #humbled + spilk + britts = straight chaos....

Dzień dobry! Hallo hallo hallo ya'll!!! apologies for the complete chaos that this email is. But once you read it I am sure you will sympathize and agree with me that there isn't a way to tie these stories together. They are just straight random. Przepraszam!

As a kid...I loved stuffed animals. By that could say that I am still a kid. In the mtc I am tired by 9:30...(shush you know who you are)...and by 9:31, I am pretty much completely out of it. So much so...that I have fallen asleep with several items that don't in the least bit resemble stuffed animals. They are as follows...     1.  My name tags. On one such occasion...I woke up to find two of my three name tags in my bed. No, I do not wear multiple at one time. 
     2. Various writing utensils. Sometimes I journal. Sometimes I don't. I have found...on occasions when I have journaled and also on occasions when I have NOT journaled..pens, pencils, and one time my whole journal in my bed the next morning.       3. My toothpaste. No...not a glob of toothpast that dripped onto my shirt. No, no...nothing like that. It was in fact my whole TUBE of toothpaste...inside the pocket of my sweats. So yes...that day I woke up and brushed my teeth with warm toothpaste. 

Apart from the adventure it is to make my bed every day and find the various non stuffed animal resembling items there within...I also find entertainment playing uno, testing my knowledge of what a mammal is, and laughing at the the incredulous comments my district makes in class!     -The Uno clan meets every Tuesday and Wednesday. We play a few rounds...screech at each other for a minute or two...and then decide that our time is better spent playing Hungry Hungry action edition. 
     -Apparently I forgot everything that happened in elementary school. Mostly everything regarding the classification of animals. And even more specifically reguarding the classification of MAMMALS. Through a thourrow study of Polish animals, I now know that a mammal gives birth to living offspring, feeds said offspring milk, and has hair....I think...?
     -As for the incredulous comments my district makes in class...I learned that sausages and hashbrowns can be described as hamburger patties and shredded potatoes....and using this description will cause the other five of your classmates to look at you as if you've gone insane! All I can say is that it really genuinely wasn't me who said that one! 

I feel as if I need to give an update on Polish...this story pretty much sums up how it is going.       -In class the other day, we were singing our opening Polish as usual. After the first few lines...I thought to myself...hey this is actually going good. I'm actually saying the right sounds at the right times and with a semi right tune. Without a second to spare, Heavenly Father decided to humble sending the gum that I had been chewing right down my throat. I spent the next two verses coughing and laughing and contemplating God's sense of humor! Haha! 

In other news, several glasses of milk have been drank as per short jokes...and even a glass of spilk. Ew. Trust me, it wasn't my idea nor my encouragement.      I also broke out my talent of character-ing and drew the Elders in our district! I say they are spot on but each of them was offended in some way or another. All I can I'm not really a characterist. 

Update on our Britts!!!!     -The fountain has been drank out of...twice. A certain Brit has a horrible track record of loosing the beloved game of 'what are the odds' whenever the fountain is mentioned. Let's pray he doesn't get parasites...       -We said goodbye to our other favorite Brit...after he was welcomed into our District for like a day...farewell Dinis! Starszy's missing you already! 

The chaos is unreal...please appreciate it...cuz it honestly makes my head hurt worse than it does after 8 hours of Polish...😁😅
-Siostra Jones


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