April 14, 2022


Provo MTC (Missionary Training Center)


Maddy Godfrey

...way to my of on the ouside...poem...

Hey ya'll!

Guess what!? It. SNOWED. No matter how many times I see the flakey goodness fall from the still makes me soooo happy! I've decided that i am not a normal woman. If you buy me chocolates, you might catch my attention. But if you make make it snow, heaven help me!'ll have my heart for time and all eternity!!! My parents might have some concerns...
Heavenly Father might have blessed me with the gift of tounge...not to be confused with the gift of toungeS. I'm still waiting on that one. No no...the gift of tounge means that he has blessed me with the ability for my tounge to taste the food at the cafeteria and not be utterly repulsed! OR my taste buds have died. It could be that too. Either way, the chicken and waffles kinda tasted good. Kinda like chick-fil-a...
Sometimes we joke that our teachers just sleep at the mtc. Becuase who could ever have an actual life beyond the fencing of the mtc? Turns out they do have a life outside. As do other people. Somehow we forgot that. So when loud booms kept going off...we thought the world was ending. Don't worry it was just fireworks. But we stood there and gathered a large crowd as we sang a very patriotic song and watched the fireworks. Could it have been past cerfew...? Ya. Enough said. 
Today I decided that I needed to embrace my shortness. I can only do that with christ. So...I wrote a poem. Don't worry I'm not some crazy poem person. I did it cuz my teacher told me to. But here it is...enjoy!
Title: KrótkiWiara w Jezusa Chrystusa
W którym dorastamJezus zaznacza postępowanie IChrystus na now definiuje mój wzrost. 
It means...
Title: ShortyFaith in Jesus ChristIn which I growJesus marks the progress and Christ redefined my height. 

Anywho love you all! Go read a conference talk about christ this week! Its Easter week! Yay!
Siostra Jones



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