April 6, 2022


Provo, Utah, United States


Maddy Godfrey mail...linguine...NOT candy...conference

Sup yall!
So...I'm sitting in the laundry room writing my email just know minding my own business...and I hear this elder next to me say, "you know what pday means?" His companion replies with the most serious face..."party day!" Not sure if I agree because there are still a million things we gotta get done but there's no stressing about language and I get to destroy starszy Dyson at ping pong and absolutely wreck elder Rasmussen at knockout. Im just saying...I prefer to be called an evil genious...
I might have face planted into a window. I'm not special I promise...I'm just limited edition...and maybe a blonde at heart. But if anyone has access to the security cameras in t4 at the would be amazing black mail material...but I don't believe any ya'll got those kind of connections so I feel semi comfortable sharing that bit of information. 
We had our first substitute teacher of the mtc. Picture linguine from ratatouille. That's all you need to know about him. Actually that's a lie. Thats not all you need to know. Somebody message me and tell me how tall linguine is on ratatouille. Cuz I 100% guarantee that he isn't as tall as my sub was. Dude was 6'8"! No jokes. I already told yall about elder Rasmussen. And that he loooves calling me short. Let's just say that the appearance of a 6'8" linguine standing next to me doesn't exactly go unnoticed! At least nobody got picture evidence! I escaped that endless torture!!! At least for now...and I refrained from biting him (elder Rasmussen of course...), and pulling his hair, and punching him in the face....
We got a new sister!!! Her name is sister Laine!!! Shes from Finland going to Swedan. She's awesome!! She brought us some candies from Finland. Not even lying. They were the strangest things that i have ever put in my mouth! It tasted like somone took a piece of black licorice, stuck it in a salt shaker, put the salt shaker in the washer with mouth wash as the detergent. And then stuck that all in the dryer for like 7 years! And then of course they put it in a package labeled "candy." That stuff ain't candy...that's fur sure. But I also kinda liked it...I think at this point I'm desperate for anything besides cafeteria food. 
CONFEFENCE WAS SOOOOO GOOOOD!!! if any yall didn't watch it DOOOO ITTTT!! It was powerful! If you ever have wondered if God speaks to you...write down a question. Say a prayer. And then watch all the sessions. He'll answer you. I promise!!! OHHH SO SO SO GOOOOD!!!


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