April 1, 2022


Provo MTC (Missionary Training Center)


Maddy Godfrey

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Life is good over yonder in the enclosed sanctuary. We have escaped to the cupcake twice, only to return to the gated grounds yet again. I've never gotten so much satisfaction to walk across a road before...but when the only buildings you see are t3, t4, and puts a smile on your face even when you notice that a window is's that door!
Good thing the MTC cafeteria has 8,000 salad plates! I got a raw pancake this week. Ewwww. So I use at least 8 salad plates a week...for salad...and maybe a donut...ok mostly for donuts but don't tell anyone that! I do have to say that i did get some chicken strips and I actually didn't die and they actually tasted good. Who knew...?
Starszy? Sessions? Godfrey? Wissler? Santos? ...Samantha...? I don't even know a Samantha! I ran into someone was weird seeing her without a volleyball in her hands and I stared at her for a solid 10 minutes before I actually decided that it wasn't some Samantha that I DIDNT know...and that it WAS in fact the only jo jo that I DO know! Small world. 🌏
...your getting married. "WOAH! THAT WAS NOT A MARRIAGE PROPOSAL!" Siostra Pawloski may or may not have exclaimed that exact statement... horrified...after a certain elder may or may not have tried to introduce her to his deseased great aunt for her approval...the mtc is a questionable place...
Ooooldunger...our new elder...has decided that it's his goal in life to make sure that I know I'm short. Yay. He's also somehow gotten me to dream about saying 'thank you' in icelandic over and over and over again. At least now I know that the gift of tounges is real. If only it would manifest itself in the language that I need it to...o well no matter. I'll just have to let it go...
The trading post...i.e...the my favorite place now. I've gotten some rations and a hilarious card that have started to melt my frozen heart...

Hope yall are doing amazing! I'm sending you all warm hugs! Love you all!

-Siostra Jones
Pics: temple....tags...jello eating chaos...raw pancakes...


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