March 9, 2022


Price, Utah


Maddy Godfrey

...w, x, Y AND Z - A Size and a Half - Birthday Boy - Outside the Box - Plz!

Cześć, y'all!

Fun fact about the Polish Keyboard...the W and the Y are in the last email, the word I used for "hello" was not spelled correctly (the Y was supposed to be a Z). But...if any of you know anything about me, you know that a misspelled word here and misspelled word there isn't an uncommon occurrence! BUUUT...this week's "hello" IS spelled correctly...I believe...😬...and from where I come from, they tell me that believing is a powerful thing! 😉 For the saving of each of our souls y'all better have faith that that's true!!! And if you don't...consider reading Alma 32:21...

Soooo....just like last week, this week has been amazing! There was still a lot of sitting on a sore bottom, still a lot of staring at a computer, and still a LOT of feeling the spirit!! AND WHAT A BLESSING THAT IS!! It is the most amazing feeling to have the spirit with you in EVERY part of your day! Man! I do believe he was with me even when I went to the orthodontist! 🤔😂 I loved the gospel so much before I started wearing it over my heart and I think it has DOUBLED since might have tripled...or maybe it just grew a size and a half...I'm really not sure! Buuuuuuut, I do know one thing: I know it's gonna grow even more as I go!!! I have ONE week left of the home MTC! It's gone by SO SO fast! I do hope that that doesn't least until I get into the field. I hope that doesn't go quite as fast then! That would be unfortunate. I mean I do want to enjoy it a little...😄 

Cool experience this week about serving...y'all remember Starszy Dyson...from last know...the ONLY elder in our district??!!! Well he was on my mind lots towards the end of last week. And so when my comps and me were studying together, we got to talking and we found out that we all had been thinking similar thoughts! We ALL felt VERY impressed that we should do something for him. So put our heads together and we thought and we thought. And the more we thought, of our good pal and friend, the more we thought that maybe we'd send... We thought up this whole scheme to send him a package to the MTC (he is already there cuz he's from the UK). Then, like an hour later, the other sister companionship texted us and they were like "hey we felt prompted to do something for Elder Dyson...we are going to send him a package in the mtc...let us know if y'all want in on it." LIKE WHAAAAT!!!! 😯It was SO SO cool to have all gotten that same prompting, and it was even more cool for each of us to have made a plan to act on it! Anyway, we bought him treats from the US, and wrote him little notes, and we packaged it and we all ready to send it and we find out that IT WAS HIS BIRTHDAY LIKE THE NEXT DAY OR SOMETHING! 😯 How crazy is that! LIKE WHAAAAT!!!! So we pulled a few strings with the package and we ended up being able to get it to the MTC on his birthday! It was such a divinely inspired and lead experience and he was smiling a lot when he was telling us about his adventures receiving our package, so I think it made at least a part of his first birthday away from home good. I know it certainly made my day! It was awesome! It taught me to never shy away from a prompting...and to never wait to act! ALWAYS trust that it has the potential to make the person's day, because oftentimes...IT DOES!

One of my favorite things to think about is how there are so many different ways that people Hear Him. I love hearing all the different ways from all the different peoples. I've always loved it. But one of my teachers in the MTC showed us this video. And if you only watch ONE video/read one of my conference talks throughout my whole entire mission...I'D WANT IT TO BE THIS ONE! (also...ill probs say that again...but this one is SO good!) I had never seen it before, but by the end of watching and talking about it, my entire district was in tears!! It MOVED us! And I hope it does the same for you! It is called "Faith in Christ: What Do We Do When We Feel Nothing." Just trust till the end...SOOOO POWERFUL! Afterwards, I puzzled three hours, till my puzzler was sore. Then, I thought of something that I hadn't before! There are so many ways that I ALONE can Hear Him...and sometimes those ways aren't the ways I'm used to. And there are so many ways that He can ANSWER me! And I need to look OUTSIDE the box for the answers! SUUUCH A COOL CONCEPT! L.O.V.E. IT! Test it out y'all! Look outside the box and let me know how it goes!
Anywho...LIFE IS GOOD in the Harry Potter closet! If I could ask y'all to do one thing for would be to please, please pray for the people in Ukraine, Russia, Poland, and other surrounding countries. They really need every plea to heaven they can get right now...and if you are already doing that...maybe consider fasting. I fasted last week and it felt so different to me this time. Lots different than it has been in the past. Maybe it's because I have a very real and personal connection to the people there now, or maybe it's just because of how close the Holy Ghost feels to me right now...not sure. But just knowing that my prayers and sacrifices are being taken into account gives me so much hope that I will be able to bless the people of Poland one day with the restored gospel of Jesus Christ...with the LOVE of Jesus Christ! ❤ I hope with all my heart that I will be able to go to Poland...not to look at all the cool architecture, 🏨 not to taste all the weird and potentially gross food, 😩 not to even hear all the cool stories or visit all the cool places or see all the cool sights 🏰...I want to go to Poland for one reason and one reason only. I want to be able to help at least one person find their relationship with Heavenly Father and their Savior Jesus Christ. Just one person. I feel so strongly that I have been called to Poland for a reason. I also feel so strongly that this conflict between Poland's surrounding countries has humbled a lot of people, and has placed a lot of people in the search for peace in this life and hope in the life to come. I know where they can find that! I know that my companions know where they can find that! I know that my district knows where they can find that! So please, please pray! If not for me...for the one soul that I know I can touch, and for the many souls that my fellow Starszy and Siostry that THEY THEMSELVES are sure to touch.

I love y'all so very much! Thanks to all you people who make each day amazing for me! MEANS MORE THAN Y'ALL KNOW! I love Jesus...and maybe Jesus...perhaps...loves you just a little bit more!

Siostra Jones

-so this happened...turns out zoom backgrounds are a great way to tease your teacher who just got engaged...
-district...and for making me almost pee my pants from laughter
-putting on tag 1st time...yes I was struggling in this picture
-me and my tag!...ya that's just me being me
-snow...did I make someone come outside with me in the freezing cold so I could have this master piece...yes, yes I did!

This is the link for the video that is GLORIOUS!" target="_blank">

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