March 2, 2022


Price, Utah


Harry Potter Closet - Silly Me - I DEFIDENTLY Don't Know Who You Are - Born of God

Cyeść (hello) everyone!!

Siostra Jones here! ...writing to you from my Harry Potter closet under the stairs in my house! ...gotta love the home MTC! seriously! I LOVE the MTC! THE CHURCH IS TRUE! 😂 I have felt the spirit 10 fold since coming to the MTC and it's not like I wasn't feeling it before! Something about the atmosphere and the purpose and the people and the love and the gospel and Jezus Chrystus and...ok I'm getting carried away here...! I just love it!

Having said that...I was hesitant at first. Silly me had been expecting to teach someone the very first day of the MTC. If any of you know anything about the MTC, you know that that is not how it works. Nope! I spent the first day waving at my district through a screen, introducing myself a million times, and laughing at their faces when I told them I loved pickles! 😂 ...which isn't a bad way to live my just was kind of a bummer when I didn't get to teach anyone after my first class...and then more bummer-y when I didn't get to teach anyone after my second me, by the end of my last class...I was like what am I even doing here! :) ...again! SILLY ME! Since then, I've told myself to 'settle down' if you know what I mean. Way back when...when I first met with my stake president, (President P at the time), he told me to pray for patience. I assumed he meant cuz of my future companions! 😅 And that really didn't make sense to me cuz I didn't feel like I had trouble getting along with people. But I was like 'who knows, maybe I'll get the worst-est companions ever...?' I stand thoroughly correct now! hehe! He was prompted to tell me that because I am SILLY! And because I need patience for my own SELF! 😂 ^^facepalm

To break up the meeting-centered-ness...of the MTC I have been to Walmart, McDonalds, Chug, and to the Provo Temple for baptisms! (ask Anthony about his translator 😂) if you see me around P-Town, just know that my brain is about to explode and my butt hurts from sitting on a hard chair all day! 😂 Also another blessing that has helped to keep me sane...not that I don't love all the studying we do followed by some more studying and then some more studying...was a little package that was dropped off by...someone! ....I DEFINITELY don't know who it was...AT ALL! made my whole day! ...only problem was that I could barely even contain myself 'till the end of class to eat it! 😂

So ya! ...turns out I do love my companions! And we do get along really well! And I love my district! There are five girls and one guy. Please send prayers to Starśy Dyson! ...we might drive him crazy by May 3rd! And I love my teachers! One has lots of energy like me! One gives me big-sister vibes! And one reminds me of my cousin! So LOTS of love to them!

My favorite thing about the MTC is the spirit that is felt here...even while I am in my Harry Potter closet! I LOVE IT! One of my favorite points that one of my teachers made Monday was, "It is the best feeling to be set apart as a missionary!" I can second that with every ounce of my being and more! It is glorious! And my favorite thing mentioned on Tuesday was a quote from one of President Ezra Taft Bension's First Presidency Messages way back when and I adored was, "The Lord works from the inside out. The world works from the outside in. The world would take people out of the slums. Christ takes the slums out of the people, and then they take themselves out of the slums.The world would mold men by changing their environment. Christ changes men, who then change their environment. The world would shape human behavior, but Christ can change human behavior." How AWESOME-SLICING is that! It got me good! I think it's a beautiful thing how much the Savior can help us! ...and also how much we can help ourselves! ....and then even more how much we can help others! AAAHH! This gospel is beautiful! If you want the whole talk it's called 'Born of God.' If you're asking my opinion...DEFINITELY worth the read!

I do believe that's all for me! Know that your Savior loves you and don't forget it! You'll regret it...!


Siostra Jones


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