October 26, 2020


Danville, Illinois


Sister Talbot

Week 41: YES...Finally hit 9 months of serving a mission and it only took 15 months to do it in...Happy Days

I can't believe 9 months from now I am going home from my mission for the 2nd time. I'm halfway there! Still can't wrap my head around the fact it took me 15 months to get here but things happen and I am glad to be able to finish my mission.

Well here is a little update.

We had a Zone Council last week and our Zone leader did a backflip to pump everyone up. I made cookies for everyone and that made me feel good about providing a simple service for others who doesn't like cookies??? Last week, I was told by my dad that I should make little Object lessons to keep in my bag. So with my district and our Facebook Designers, I decided to make little objects for them to use. The picture is below of my progress. I have 2 more to do. Such a great idea, thanks dad.

I really love the Fall leaves. They are really pretty.

I don't remember if I said this about the Danville area but we have a bit of Indiana in it. Yesterday, a member family had dinner ready for us, so grateful for all the families that take the time to serve not only me and my companion but, all the people who take the time to make sure the missionaries serving in different places around the world are being well looked at. We drove to Indiana. I can't explain it but driving into Indiana has a different feel to it. I don't know. It was a great feeling. So excited that my companion and I get to go on Wednesday to Brother Fultons house to do service as a district. (No, not my Bishop in my home ward but that would be fun...)

Well anyways I love you all! If you want to write letters to me I will try to write you back!

Also go on facebook and like " The Church of Jesus Christ in the Greater Champaign Area"

Remember these things. The Book is true and it is also Blue. And remember to be Green and Bright. But always be a Lemon!

Love you guys so much until next week!

Sister Osai

Pic 1 the Rantoul District (we call it the Rantucky District.)
From Left to Right here are the people.
Sister Schenderman, Sister Walker, Sister Waters, Sister Talbot, Elder Woodman, Elder Christensen, Sister Raymund and Me Sister Osai.

Pic 2 plan of salvation people (I asked the Elders if they were girls how would they do their hair)

Pic 3 I love the colors on this. And yes I did take that photo.


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