October 6, 2020


Belleville, Illinois


Sister Fuiomaono & Sister Bunderson

Week 38 Good-Bye Belleville

I'm sorry I didn't send a weekly update last week. I did not have any time. So just a little update. Last week I went to the St. Louis Zoo with one of our members and it was really fun. I love our members. They feed us almost everyday!

So during the week we had received 4 or 5 referrals from all around the mission and 1 from Hawaii.... we were on fire!

Saturday and Sunday were so fun we got to have an SOS in the mission. Or in other words we got to have a sleepover. We got to watch the General Conference with 2 other Sisters for the Women's session and the Sunday morning session. We also went over to the Mission Financial advisors and watched the afternoon session. I got to try their massage chair.

We dropped Sister Fuimaono off at the mission home because she had finished her mission. bumped into Sister Rolfson who is the daughter of two people my mom grew up with in her ward in Colorado. It was crazy to see her there.

Well I am being transferred. I think I might be going back to my first area. (My dad thinks I know where I'm going but I don't.)

I promise I will do better at my weeklies. Until next time. Always remember be Green and Bright but always be a Lemon!

From Sister Osai!

Pic 1 and 2 my stalker photos at a red light.
Pic 3 Good Bye Sister Pineapple
Pic 4 District Car Wash
Pic 5 Have a Twix
Pic 6 General Conference on the phone
Pic 7 Us with a Sister in the ward.


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