September 21, 2020


Belleville, Illinois


Sister Fuiomaono & Sister Bunderson

Week 36 ( Guess who's back)

Hey guys it's your favorite newly returned Sister Osai back here in the Missouri St. Louis Mission! But this time I am here in the Belleville Area in the Ofallon, Illinois zone! I can't believe I finally made it to Illinois! So here is a little back story. When the 6 Elders and I got to the airport and are waiting for our bags; President Bell calls me over and says to me. "Sister Osai do you want to know where you are going?" So I told him yes. "Well Sister Osai you are going to be serving in the Belleville area with Hermana Bunderson and Sister Fuimaono." When I heard that I was so happy! We got back to the mission home and had Costco burgers and homemade buns with some Fitz's Rootbeer. I then left the mission home with my new and old Companions and we started our journey here in Belleville.

This past week has been so eventful. But the two biggest highlights I have are 1st I get to be Companions again with my Companion I had in Fulton, Missouri and I got a Spanish speaking Companion as well. She's really cool! And second I get to go on a military air base! There are a handful of our members who serve in the Air force and it is so cool to be able to be apart of this!

Today we are going apple picking for our P-day fun.

Pic 1: The Fruity Sisters of Belleville

Pic 2: Snow White and the Seven Dorks

Pic 3: Sister Ruis made me a Pillow!

Pic 4: Me and a members daughter apple picking!


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