December 3, 2019


OFallon, Missouri


Sister Newman

Week 19: Wow these first 4 months have really flown by...

Hello from the one and only Sister Osai!!

I can't believe how fast these past 4 months have gone. I am absolutely dreading the cold. So last week Sister Newman and I were able to get the bikes from the Lake St. Louis Sisters and we rode them home in the dark. My glasses were fogging up and I had the mens bike... I was really sore. But it took us 45 minutes to get from their apartment to ours. We made it safely home. We had gone to 3 members houses for Thanksgiving. We first went to the Harstons home and they were hosting the Zone Leaders for breakfast. We had no clue that the Elders were still there. Why didn't we know? The Harstons didn't tell us. So when we got there I saw a tee wee. (Our missionary car monitoring system). So we got to hangout with the Zone Leaders. It was really fun. We then went to Twin Oaks Estate (Senior Center) we usually go there to do nails and play the piano and sing on Thursdays. But since it was Thanksgiving most of the residents were with their family so I knitted my scarf and sang while Sister Newman played the piano and sang. We then went to the Fullers. Then went to President Mayers house and we had a ton of fun. I was able to teach one of their daughters how to knit on a loom. I love the people here. They are so kind.

On Sunday Sister Newman and I were able to teach the 12 to 13 year old Sunday school class. So we were preparing for that till one of the members of Ward Council asked us if we were going to ward Council today. We usually have it the 2nd and 4th Sundays. We were hopelessly late for that. We were walking really fast till a less active member saw us and took us to the church she was so nice. (It was snowing). After church we went to a members house and she has started teaching us how to Crochet (I don't know how to spell it) and so we are practicing the chain stitch. We didn't have the car so we walked 2 hours and 30 minutes home. In the dark. I have a few blisters on my feet.

Yesterday we visited this one lady that we were teaching. She is going through a ton of things right now and we have been talking to her about baptism.
Last night during our Zone Family Home Evening call in she texted us that she was evicted from her apartment and has to move to Arkansas. I started crying. But I know that she will be okay and that God has something in store for her.

I love you all and I can't wait to hear from all of you.

Make sure you watch the Christ Child video. Show your family and friends. It is such a great video. I loved it.

God is good and he knows best.

Again I love you all.

From the One and only

Sister Osai


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