December 9, 2019


OFallon, Missouri


Sister Newman

Week 20: Zone Conference with Elder Wong

I wish you a merry Christmas I wish you a merry Christmas I wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year!

Hello to my favorite family and friends back at home and other places!

So to start off I have been knitting some scarves for two kids in the ward who I also knitted them hats. I also counted acorns with another little kid.
Who knew that cream puffs tasted good with powdered sugar.

So Thursday night after we had dinner at a members home we were walking home and I thought I knew where we were going so I got us walking the wrong direction for an hour... we were waiting at Texas Road House and waited for the Mayers come and rescue us.

We went to the Relief Society Christmas party. Which we walked to. It was a nice day.

Saturday was Zone conference. With Elder Wong. This past weekend I had the chance to shake his hand 3 or 4 times. Anyways back to Zone conference. Elder Wong showed us the Parable of the chairs... he made us run back and forth with our chairs then. Taught a principle that related to missionary work. He made Sister Newman and I run back and forth to our chairs. He threatened us that if we didn't get to our chairs in 4.0 seconds he will inflict pain on us. We made it in 3. He then held a finger gun to my head.

Went to the adult session of stake conference and Elder Wong called Sister Newman and I out for complaining about each other. We got to talk with President and Sister Bell and didn't get home till 9:45...

Yesterday we went to the church an hour before stake conference to go save us some spots. Sister Newman and I went to the new member meeting with a few of my recent converts. We had walked many miles last night to get to our dinner appointment... Missouri really needs to invest in some sidewalks. We had to run across a highway bridge. Luckily there were barely any cars out. We then had our dinner appointment come pick us up cause we were a 15 minutes late.

Watched the Christmas Devotional last night and I liked it.

I now have Christmas lights above my desk.

I hope that you all know that I love you with all of my heart.
I hope you all have a merry Christmas and remember what the true meaning of Christmas is.

I love you. Stay warm.

From the One and Only

Sister Osai


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