September 16, 2019


OFallon, Missouri


Sister Bylund

Week 8: Tag Journals

What's up everybody. Its Sister Osai #2 coming at you from O'fallon Missouri. where it is humid every day. I have had so many wonderful things happen this week but; I am only going to share only about 2 or 3. So on Saturday Sister Bylund and I had a dinner appointment with the Collins. When we got there we were walking into the living room and there were people that I did not know. Until Sister Bylund said, '' What are you doing here?'' So I was like, 'Oh she is a returned sister missionary.' She was really nice and her dad kept on using teenager slang and the RSM was shaking her head then Brother Collins started using the slang words and I was laughing really hard but then I started feeling weird hearing parents talking like teens. We had a lesson at the families house and the spirit was really strong. I love it when the members also preach the gospel. We then went to this place called Cookies And Cream. The Ice cream is really good there. I had the chocolate ice cream but whats new. Yesterday was truly a magnificent day. I was able to witness my first convert baptism. The Missionaries in the MLSM mission have the opportunity to teach the Restoration when the people are getting changed. When I was reciting the First Vision the Holy Ghost hit me right in the face. I almost started crying. I just love baptism so much. I am so excited to have another baptism next Saturday. I am sorry I don't have any pictures for y'all. I don't have my phone at the moment. But when I get it back then I will send those photos the next P-Day. And for those people who asked about Tag journals (k
Kalolina) A tag journal is a journal that your district Zone and your companion write in through out your mission. Like Sister Bylund is going to take my tag journal and put quotes in that I have said. dumb dad jokes that I have used and photos that we or I have been in. It is one big book of mission memories. I get to go on my first real missionary exchange tomorrow. I will be in Weldon Springs with my STL Sister Hoggan. She is the one I replaced when I got here. I am so excited to hear what you guys have to say. I will tell you all about it next week. Today is Sisters P-day and we are doing a Bob Ross painting session. Wish me luck. This is Sister Osai Squared signing off. I Love You all. Stay on the path. And God is always Good.


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