September 24, 2019


OFallon, Missouri


Sister Bylund

Week 9: Baptism's, Baptism's, and more Baptism's

Well hello there. Its Sister Osai Squared.
I would just love to say that this past week has been really eventful. I was able to witness the baptisms of two fine women and on Sunday they were both confirmed members of the church. Which for the 2nd baptism I was asked to give a talk on the Holy Ghost... I was like a teenager and I procrastinated on it till an hour before the service started. But it went great. The Spirit was so strong. I almost started crying. We also did tag journals which was really fun. Man the weather in the morning has been really nice and cool. It reminds me of home... But it gets hot really fast. I was able to go to a Mental Health Fireside on Sunday. It was really good I really loved the setting of it all. I got to talk to a return missionary who went to the Marshal Islands... They do not have toilet paper there. I feel so blessed right now. I am grateful that I have so many privileges. SOOOO last night after Sister Bylund and I got back to the apartment after our Bible Study with one family we have our Zone Family Home Evening. The Zone leaders were going from one companionship to companionship telling us if we are staying in the zone or if we were getting booted. When they got to Sister Bylund they were like. "Sister Bylund you are...... Staying.'' "Sister Osai you are........... Also Staying." I thought my heart was going to beat out of my chest. Only two people from my zone are leaving. After ZFHE we hung up then the zone leaders called and so we were like something is up. Little did we know that the Lake sisters were also on the phone. One of the Zone leaders said. " Well there is a reason why we called the both of you... You are going to be in a Car Share.." Sister Bylund and I were so mad that we did not want to talk anymore with them so Sister Bylund hung up the phone. Let me tell you I was PEAVED. We don't even live in our area. It is a 45 minute walk. But we figured out why we were in a car share. Sister Bylund prayed for a challenge.... It is her fault. But I am happy that we have members in our ward that love us and are willing to give us rides to appointments. Well I am going to go. Just remember that God is Good and that miracles do happen for a reason. Remember that Jesus Christ knows what you have gone through. He is the Key to our everlasting happiness.
I hope that you are doing well. And I will email you guys next week... Lets see house this car share goes. I love you all. Sister Osai Squared OUT..


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