August 19, 2019


OFallon, Missouri


Sister Bylund

Week 4: Well Hellllloooooooooooooo Utah!

This is Sister Osai #2 reporting live from O'fallon Missouri. Today is a very humid day... Wait every day here is a humid day. Oh well you live and you learn. So last Tuesday I left the MTC and the sisters in my district and 13 other missionaries that were also going to the Missouri St. Louis mission got to ride the front runner train to salt lake city then we transferred over to the green line. I passed South Jordan and I had a thought come to me. I was like, "Oh my gosh I am literally doing this I am going to be a missionary." I hope I am not the only person who does that. We got to the airport and I did not go over 50 pounds with the big suitcases and not even over 30 pounds on my carry on. We flew out from Utah to Missouri and I thought it was really cool. I got some pictures. the flight was 2 hours and 25ish minutes because we had to take a detour. Why you may ask. There was a tornadoe on our path and the pilot did not want to fly through the storm. Bummer.... But we had some turbulance. We met our Mission President and his Wife the Bells. They are super nice. We had a fun night. We sang we got to know eachother and then the sisters were booted to the hotel because President Bell has sons who live in the home so sisters can't sleep there. So Sister Schaser and I got to sleep in a hotel room together one last time as a companionship. We went to transfers and President Bell was telling us that one by one we were going to come up to the podium say who we are and where we came from and who our new companion and where we were serving. We were waiting to see which sucker had to go first. Then I hear " Sister Osai come on up" and I was thinking '' Dang it " So I introduced myself and read Sister Bylund and we are serving in the O'fallon area. Sister Bylund is super nice. I am so happy I got her. She even told me that she has always wanted a Polynesian companion and I told her that I was 1/4 tongan she got really happy. Our apartment is really nice I love the neighborhood. on my third day out we already have this person that we just started teaching on date for baptism. Mary Kerr coming at you September 21st. I have been getting fed by many different families in the ward. The food is really good. Yesterday I had my first Sunday meeting. I was tracked down by the Mayors. You see Brother Mayor is Uncle Jeffs MTC companion from the MTC who lives here in good ol' Missouri and they are feeding us on Wednesday. But yeah that is just some of the details of my first week here in O'fallon Missouri. I want to hear from all of y'all

Love Sister Osai #2


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