August 10, 2019


Provo, MTC


Sister Schaser

Week 3:Good bye MTC and Hello St. Louis Missouri.

So this week has been very emotional and physically draining. I am really excited to go to the City Museum in St. Louis. But I am going to miss my district family. And being able to play sand volleyball with them. Man I leave Tuesday morning and I don't want to leave, I have seen a lot of people this week from home. like Elder Luke Perkins which is my zone leader, Brooke Baggely who I went to school with and Elder Ben Taylor who is my parents trek son and my " Adopted Brother" I just got the packing list for the plane ride, So yesterday I had our last missionary workshop and it was a little play that the narrator guy asked the audience a question and the question was who loves their companion and I shot my hand up in the air and my companion and I were called up to the stage to be the missionaries to invite the members about any referrals for us to teach us and let me tell you my heart was pounding out of my chest well that is what it felt like for me. I went to the BYU creamery last night with my district and I got the raspberry lemonade ice cream and this missionary named Elder Payne bought the ice cream for my companion and I. Because on Tuesday his companion was telling everybody that it was his birthday and so my companion and I sang happy birthday to him until he told us that it wasn't his birthday and so he bought our ice cream, And yeah, that is all for this week see you in St. Louis love you all.


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