February 18, 2020


San Diego, Californua, United States


Remands Vehi Heather Hapairai

Transfer 9!

Hello! Another really good week here in Grossmont ward! Transfer 9 begins today! 
First off, unrelated missionary topic. I got into BYU! Woot woot! So excited! 

Anyways We had so much service this week it was so fun! Spent a lot of time with really good people. Tuesday night we went finding for a little and we felt prompted to text our good old friend Amri for a visit. She said to meet us at her flower shop so we did. We got there and she was panicked and told us to come back, because she had so much to do! We told her we were happy to help and we called 2 more sets of missionaries to come help her. We helped her move things around so she could prepare for Valentines day. We helped for a couple hours till we had to go. She started crying and gave us the biggest hugs. A couple days later we got home and 2 cute flowers arrangements were on our doorstep. She cried again when we saw her su day and said how we were inspired and we saved her. It was a really cool moment and testimony of following the spirit. 
Wednesday was so fun! We did more service and went tracting for a while. That night the young womens and young mens had an Etiquette dinner. It was so stinken funny. All the 11 and 12 year olds were so awkward, it was cute. One of the little 12 year olds stood up and told everyone premarital eye contact was a sin? I lost it. The youth are so interesting but I love every one of them. 
Thursday we had transfer planning and decided what to do with everyone! It's a big jigsaw puzzle trying to fit 180 missionaries into all the areas. Sister jones and I and the Assistants are all staying this transfer! Which means Its my last most likely since it will be 6 months in this position. I'm excited for another one! This transfer we get to have zone conference at camp wildwood up in Romona! Everyone comes up there different days, but us and the Assistants and President and Sister Stubbs stay the week up in a cabin! Camping on my mission? Never thought I'd be doing that haha. We do training, ropes courses, and team building and a hike up the the cross to finish it off! Its gonna be so fun! We go up this saturday with the Assistants to plan and get things ready! 
Friday we did more service and we needed for cute little Barbara in our ward! I climbed in her orange ge tree to get her oranges out and i was covered in ants for a few ours. Our mission President is wanting us to be "Sun burt missionaries" meaning we are always outside, so people see us. So we had a picnic at lake Murray, and then did our studies there and went finding. It's been so nice to be in the warm weather in nature studying. 
Saturday was special. We went to an Arabic baptism and it was the Arabic elders first baptism since 2013! It was a super special night and everyone was crying.  Monday we spent the day finishing up transfers in the office. Later in the day we got to teach the Ames family again! We taught about the plan of salvation and the kids loved it! Marlon the 13 year old is the one who first came to church with the Levitt's. He told him mom he wanted to go to that church forever! Now because of this 13 year olds excitement the whole family is being taught. We teach them every week at the leavitts home and we have a big dinner with all 7 kids under the age of 14, a 2 year old. And a 4 month old puppy in a tiny home. It's a party! Towards the end of the lesson Marlon asked us hoe he could become a member! He asked if he could get baptized on Saturday! I was so shocked we both kinda laughed. It was so cute! I've never seen anyone so ready for the gospel, and he is 13! 
I hope everyone has a good week! I love you all and I'm grateful for each of you! 💙
Love Always,Sister Babb 
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