December 3, 2019


San Diego, Californua, United States


Remands Vehi Heather Hapairai

146 miles...

Well this week wasnt very eventful but it was amazing:) 
Really all we did was trainings. Literally every day. Tuesday we trained 20 new missionaries, Wednesday we trained them again,  friday we planned trainings all day and had meetings. Saturday guess what? YOU GOT IT! Trainings! We had STL training and then we trained all the district leaders. Also MLC on monday we did a big training on eoth the AP's... it's been a week! Then we finally got a break for 2 seconds and we got permission to cross the boarder of our mission to Vista up past Carlsbad for a baptism of someone sister Aitchison taught. Sister Aitchison was actually a Carlsbad missionary up until June when they merged missions and she came into ours. So we went to the baptism and it was so good! After we went and got ice cream at the famous Handles. Man it was straight heaven. Best ice cream I've had hands down. Anyways we had an hour and a half drive so we left and began to drive. About 30 minutes in the AP's called and needed a typed out document ASAP and I was in the passenger's seat so I got the priveldge of writing it. Our GPS had to be turned off so I could type and I knew where we were at this point so I figured we were fine. I told my comp to get off a certain exit and to tell me when we got there. Well about 30 minutes or so pass and I look up, and have no clue where we are. I asked where we were and she said we were still on the same highway! I looked at the map and we were 1 EXIT AWAY FROM TIJUANA. yes we just about drove straight into Mexico without realizing it. We got off right away and turned around and found our way home. We drove a straight 146 miles from Vista to Mexico hahahahaha I was crying it was so funny. Might I remind you it was pitch black and street lights dont exist here. Anyways.. President would have killed us if we ended up in mexico haha. It was actually a really cool learning experience for the both of us though. While driving my companion felt prompted to ask me for help, I felt prompted to look up. Both of us didnt listen to the prompting and we almost got our selves in a pickle. The spirit is with us always, even in the car if we allow him to be in our lives. What an amazing gift we have been given by our heavenly father. 
Thanksgiving was something special. It was such a spiritual day, honestly one of my favorite days on my mission. We woke up went bright and early to the El Rey wards church and played soccer with the spanish branch. It was me and 3 other missionaries and about 25 Latinos and it was incredible. It was the first time I have gotten to play actual soccer in a long time, and Mexican people really know how to pump a girl up. Haha it was literally the best thing ever. After we had service for an older women in our ward and some elders came to help do some heavy lifting. This women is older and takes care of her 96 year old mother. It was the sweetest thing at the end when the elders gave both these women blessings, and the sweet old women kissed them on the cheek and the elders looked like they were going to die. Hahaha they had no clue what to do. The women both cried as the elders blessed them, and we left feeling the spirit so strongly. We walked outside and I literally felt as if i had just jumped into a pool and swam for a sec. We were SOAKED after a couple seconds it was raining so hard! We drove to our lunch appointment freezing to death and got to their doorstep dripping. The cute old couple from Chile took us in, dried us off and gave us warm clothes and sat us by the fire with coco. We ate and as we were eating Brother Aste pulled me aside and told me his granddaughter was struggling with the church and he wanted us to share our testimonies. It came time for the lesson and I wasnt sure how to go about it and I felt  prompted to not only share our testimonies but our conversions and why we are grateful for the church. I hadnt told sister Aitchison i was about to change our whole lesson plan but I decided to go with it and follow the spirit. (Sister aitchison caught on nicely :))We went ahead and shared our testimonies and how the gospel had touched our lives. We shared our conversions and why we are now so grateful to have the gospel of Jesus Christ.  As we spoke the moms eyes filled with tears, and the spirit confirmed that that was exactly what she needed to hear, as well has what her daughter needed to hear. This was such a cool moment for me to see a member follow the spirit and act on a prompting, and then with that I was able to receive my own revelation and acted on a prompting. We all can receive these prompting and revelation if we put our selves in the place to be able to hear the spirit. As we listen to the still small voice and act in faith we can touch people's hearts and change lives. Also after the 14 year old girl played us the bagpipes and she was incredible. 
Later that day we had dinner with another amazing family in the ward of all girls, and they invited a recent convert and her 3 daughters. So we had a all girl Thanksgiving. it was fantastic. We played some games and ate and after we went around the room and shared what we are greatful for. These sweet girls all under 16 all said family, and their moms. My heart was so warm and I truely felt so blessed to be with these amazing women. I feel so blessed to have so many amazing people I have gotten to meet, and have gained so many friendships I will cherish forever. I had the opportunity to write 100 things in grateful for with the youth of our ward during a lesson we taught, and I really reflected on my life and everything I have been blessed with. We really are so blessed. Our heavenly father had given us so much, and it's our job to give back to him by following him, serving others, and giving thanks. I hope you all had the opportunity to do those things this holiday, and continue to do those things and Light the world this holiday season. 
I love you all, and am so grateful to know each and every one of you. 
Happy holidays! Love always,
Sister Babb 

1.yumminess 2.our amazing STL's3. One of my comps sneak pics at a meeting with  president. Oops lol4.another mirror selfie5.a day in the life of the office.....6.barbara makes us wear back braces when we lift her boxes. She is so clean and tidy:) gals 8.we love tacos provided by members 9. Batalion training day!


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