March 11, 2013




Week 1!!!

Well Family and Friends it's been a wonderful week here so far! My companion is Sister Jenkins and she is absolutely wonderful and so spiritual! I learn so much from her everyday. The weather here so far has been good. It's their "cold spell" and I think it's been wonderful! It is warming up a bit and supposedly in the next month it's supposed to get super hot. As for my email, my mission president has allowed all friends and family to email me so you can spread the word about that. The bugs are definitely bigger, but I haven't seen any cockroaches or huge spiders, but I've definitely heard about them! I am currently serving in Tampa in the Carrollwood B area/ward. Our ward is awesome and most of the members are recent converts or less-actives that have come back to church or they are just regular converts! Which is awesome because that means that they are huge on MISSIONARY WORK!! WOOHOO!! Anyways, I'm really loving it here even though the days are very long and I'm exhausted by the end of them. But, that is good because it means that I must be doing something right! My P-days are on Mondays and I can get and write back to anyone during the week, as long as it's after 9:30. The mail seems to take about a week to get here. My companion and I have been able to teach so many member lessons which is great! It's amazing to see the difference it makes to have the right member there at the right time. We have been leaning on the Spirit for sure and the outcome has been wonderful. One of the investigators that we have, (or "spiritual gators"), has commited to the word of wisdom and knows that the Book Of Mormon is true and Joseph Smith and Thomas S. Monson, but has a problem with the whole Apostasy and being baptized again..But she is so awesome and strong and has such great faith! We just have to keep working with her. Another investigator has such great faith as well, but we are working on her understanding the need for the Atonement and why we have to keep repenting if Christ already died on the cross for us. But, we always leave on a good note and she wants to keep meeting with us and considers us her friends. Which is good. I have not seen any alligators here yet, but the ducks are bigger! They are called Dinosaur Ducks and they definitely look like dinosaurs! I'll have to take a picture and send it over sometime. Everyone here has a pool in their backyard and it's usually surrounded by a lenai (sp?) which is like being outdoors but without the bugs. Which is nice because there are bugs everywhere! We are on car share with the hermanas which means we bike for a week and then have a car for a week. Also what is our actual email? jmikolajcik@midcity <a rel="nofollow" target="_blank" href=""></a> or just jmik? I don't remember...also can you send my leather purse and some regular t-shirts? Like the teal one and the purple one? That would be fantastic! The food is great and I've been well-fed by the members. They love the missionaries and love to feed us. The Bronsons fed us the second night I was here and Sister Bronson was a professional cook so it was a 5 course meal! Wow! Anyways, I have to go soon so I send my love and love hearing from everyone! Also, there is a lot of wonderful fresh fruit here! :)

Sister Mikolajcik


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