June 18, 2016


Provo MTC


Sister Claire Bernheisel


This week has been a pretty good week! Thank you so much for all the packages and letters! I don't have a ton of time today to email.... I have 4 new room mates! They're very nice but haha make some things a little harder to do now... less space and less sleep... ;) Other than that the Language is good, the teaching is getting better, kinda a work in progress. But such a Good Week!

This week's highlights are:

Sunday -- It was a good day! I started it out by translating almost the full chapter of Isaiah 27! Such a good chapter, you all should read it. Then we went on a temple walk which was nice, I love the flowers there - the roses were gone this time but the temple was still beautiful.

Music-- I auditioned for playing in the devotionals and I got a spot, yes! I also got invited to sing with the group in my zone devotional. It was good.

Teaching-- We got to teach a real investigator! This nice lady came up to me and my district and said she had a question she was really sincere about it and like she really wanted to know, kind of a lost look. Her question was, who do you pray to God or Jesus? Because you say it's Jesus's Church. We were able to help her understand that's through Jesus we pray to God and that Jesus also hears our prayers. The spirit was definitely with us as we taught her and when I spoke to her I felt the Spirit come into my heart and testify to me that what I was saying was true. I've never had it come into my heart like that before. This experience has helped me to see the reason of why we serve. She could also feel the spirit as we talked to her, you could tell.

Questions that were asked by ya'll:
1) What is your favorite scripture that you want on your mission plaque? I like Ether 12:27, or Isaiah 41:10,13
2) Did you get your breakfast crepe? Did you eat it? Yes I did! Haha I thought it was awesome! It tasted really good!
3) What are the names of your companions? Sister Bernheislel's first name is Claire and Sister Baker's is Kjirsten. Sister Bernheisel is from Oregon and Sister Baker is from Germany.
4) What are the names of the missionaries in your district? Where are they from? Are they going to Berlin? Yup they're all going to Berlin. There's Elder Watts, Elder Hacking, Elder Rockwood, Elder Thygerson, Sister Evens, and Sister Garrett. Elder Watts is from Florida, Elder Hacking is from Kansas, Sister Evens is from California, and the rest are from Utah.
5) What are the names of your teachers? Where are they from? Where did they serve? There's Sister Judd, she's from Utah and served in the Alpine or Frankfurt mission... Then there's Brother Neilson and he is also from Utah and served in the Berlin mission, Then there's Brother Baker and he served in the Berlin mission, I think he's also from Utah, Then we have one more teacher Sister Toma and she served Berlin or Alpine... She's on her Honeymoon right now.
6) What great things happened this week? Any tender mercies? Hmm... I think a tender mercy was yesterday, with all of the lessons we taught yesterday. The one we did with Sister Evans, that was pretty cool! Sister Evans really talks with the spirit, and we we're actually able to help and answer questions effectively! Sister Evans is a very quiet person and normally doesn't do most of the talking in lessons but I think she did amazing! When she speaks, she speaks with power of the spirit. It was really a cool experience. I love Sister Evans! Also, we got to help an actual investigator, which I already highlighted above!

I Love you sooo much! Have a fantastic week!


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