September 14, 2017


Essen, Germany


Erica Fried

Remember the Worth of Souls is Great!!!

Hey Family & Friends!

YES, Rakiya and family are on track for baptism!!!!!! :3 I'm soooo excited for them!!! My favorite lesson was teaching Rakiya and her kids the last lesson and about Temples! It was such a special experience to share the message of eternal families with a family who is ready and wanting to accept the gospel! They were so happy to hear that they could be sealed as a family for all time and eternity! I love this gospel so much, and it has been my dream as a missionary to be able to bring this kind of happiness to a family like this! It is such a miracle story!

So, we called President Boyer to inquire about their qualifying for baptism and he said that just in case he'd still do the interview with her, but he could only do Monday because he'd be at a conference in South America the rest of the week! So we only had one more visit to teach them the last lesson and make sure they were ready for their interview!!

Then Monday came, and you would not believe what happened! It was so crazy!! We went to Bahnhof to go to the church to get there for the interview and set up Skype and everything, but the Trams shut down and no one knew when they’d be back up again! We called Rakiya to tell her we were going to be late, and she also could not get to the church, but got stuck at a station on the way.... So we went to meet her to help them get to the church. When we got to the station we found the only way we could get to the church was to walk there, which was a 30 minute walk out in the dark with hard cold wind, and both of the kids were a bit sick.... but, they were troopers! Rakiya even said before we started walking that she believed that Satan was trying to hold them back, but that "we cannot let him win!" Haha, it was awesome!

We all walked the 30 minutes to the church and got there by 9:30... thankfully we had already called President to let him know what was going on and also had him email Sister Mead who was translating for us.

Once we got there and we hurried to set up the laptop with Skype, then made some fruit tea to warm them up. There were left over cookies at the church from FHE so we let them take some as they waited for their interview. We had a few technical difficulties, but soon we were able to get the conference call with President Boyer and Sister Mead up and running and left them to their interview!

They finished just before 11pm! They were all super tired but all super happy they got to have their interviews. THEY PASSED WITH FLYING COLORS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! President Boyer said they were a wonderful family, and while there was one thing that they misunderstood, it was quickly cleared up by Sister Mead and they are ready and prepared to be baptized Saturday!!! :3 It was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so excited and happy for them, they are a wonderful family! Both kids have already expressed their desire to serve missions of their own when they become of age!!!

Also, I keep forgetting to write about it, but just 3 weeks ago, Erik got baptized!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He was one of our investigators in Bonn. It made me so happy!!!

Recently it's been really slow getting potentials, but on my split this week in Essen, we decided to do some split contacting for 1 1/2 hours on the fuss and within 20 minutes we had both found 2-3 potentials! We kept going and I eventually ran out of cards! By the end I had found 8 people who were interested and wanted to meet with us! Sister Catherall also found 5! One of the people I talked to has already texted us and set an appointment for tonight!

Yesterday we were contacting on the fuss, and we stopped this family and they speak Armenian! Next to no German or English, but I decided to try something different and tell them that we were sharing a book. We pulled out the German one we had with us and asked if they believed in Jesus Christ, they said they did! So I told them simply that the book was another testimony of him and the father smiled, I asked if he wanted one in his language and he said yes and asked if we could come to his home and tell him more about it and bring the book!! It was so cool! We need to find a translator, but I'm so excited to be able to teach this family! Something just felt different about them and I really hope that they come to love the Book of Mormon and this gospel as much as I do! :3

Haha, this week has been such a roller coaster for Sister Fried and me but it's brought us so close! We went on a split this week and we missed each other so much! We've been laughing about so many things all week! We like a lot of the same things, like we have a lot of the same thoughts and so it makes it super funny, then we like a lot of the same music, movies, etc. We teach well together, at first we had a bit of a hard time teaching together because each of us had so much we needed to say, but now we switch off all the time and it's smooth and we both think alike so we are always wanting to share the same things which makes it really nice.

I just want share my testimony this week that I know the gospel is true. I know that Joseph Smith really did see God the Father and Jesus Christ, that they called him to restore the Church of God again on the earth and that through him we have received the truth of all things. The Book of Mormon, along with the Bible, has the fullness of the gospel of God. This gospel can and has changed many lives. I know it to be true and that as we follow it we will receive the greatest happiness known to man. I love this gospel and I encourage all to read the Book of Mormon, if you have already I encourage you to do it again, and to find for yourself if these things are true (Moroni 10:3-5).

Well, I hope you have a great week! I LOVE YOU!!! <3
Sister Jessica Freeman


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