April 11, 2022




Sister Rachel Ravsten

Week 23: 5 Months!

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"If you don't like the weather in Missouri, stay for 5 minutes and you'll change your mind."

- Mark Twain

Hello everyone! It was a great week! It snowed, rained, and was very sunny throughout the week. Gotta love the weather here! Haha.

If I haven't heard from you in a while -or if I have- please reach out to me because I love hearing from you all!


*Tuesday, 5:

When we do our finding, we usually have a goal of how many people we will friend and message a day and other things like that. It can sometimes turn into a boring situation, or a checkbox of things to do. And I don't want it to be like that! Something President Nelson stated in General Conference is to give up one bad habit before Easter this year. I am going to focus on doing all things with and through Christ. Remember my purpose as a missionary and how each day and moment is a gift! Not a box to be checked off!

*Wednesday, 6:

Here's a thought from this day:

"On April 6, 1830, Joseph and Oliver met in the Whitmer home to follow the Lord’s commandment and organize His church."

April 6, 192 years ago.

I've been listening to Saints every day. The more I read it, the more love I have for Joseph Smith and those who organized the Restored Church on the earth. They went through so much so that we could have this Gospel today. Our mission has been working on memorizing the Restoration Proclamation by the end of this month, and it's been so wonderful to come to know this true doctrine! My favorite paragraph is the fifth one. I won't quote it so you'll have to go read it for yourself (; , but it explains what the Book of Mormon consists of. I have a testimony of the Book of Mormon. It is true, it is my best friend, it is the foundation of this Church!

*Thursday, 7:

We got to teach the Restoration to so many people today! Marilyn is this adorable, little old lady. She lives alone with the cutest chihuahuas, Mario and Chico. Her testimony is amazing! And as soon as we sat down she told us she loved watching General Conference this weekend but had a question about a certain "Mormon" Bible… luckily we had one in our hands to give to her!!! She's excited to read it! She also bore her testimony of families and made Sister Ravsten cry! She's a remarkable lady!

*Friday, 8:

Many good things happened today! We had District Council and discussed how Obedience + Diligence = His work in His way!

We did some farm work at Sam's and she's my favorite. She was telling me all about her different tomato plants she grew and will be selling at the Farmer's Market, and we had a really good talk! It's so therapeutic being out there on the farm.

I got an egg cooker from Target which I'm so excited about! I'm gonna make so many hard boiled eggs it's crazy!

*Saturday, 9:

Missionary life is hard, but our appointments with our friends make everything so much easier. When I'm sitting in a lesson with someone and the Spirit is present and I feel so at home, those are the moments I absolutely live for. Those are the moments I'm going to miss terribly when I am finished with my mission.

We met with Machel and Jayden. They have been taught everything except the last lesson in PMG. We had one of the best discussions about tithing with Machel! Her testimony of it is immense. She's amazing. And then, yes, WE INVITED THEM to be Baptized at the beginning of May. And they said yes! They said YES!!!!

*Sunday, 10:

Something really neat happened! So a member from a ward in the Hazlewood Stake referred Sam and Billy to us (the people we do service for). He had been inviting them to come to church for 5 years now. Well... THEY CAME TO CHURCH! And York came and he was so excited and they came and we all loved it so much. It was perfect.

We had dinner with the Jones'. Everytime we go, we eat chicken and rice and tortillas and we play this game called Banned Words. The best nights are at the Jones!


I was reading a conference talk by Howard W. Hunter about Palm Sunday. He says,

"In this lovely springtime season of the year, this annual awakening when, in the northern hemisphere, the world is renewed, blossoms, and turns green and fresh again, we instinctively turn our thoughts to Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world, the Redeemer of mankind, the source of light, and life, and love."

It being Easter week, let us all turn our thoughts towards Jesus. Ask ourselves how we can keep Him in the center of our heart and mind a little bit more each day.

I love you all!

♥, Sister Hansen

P.S. Here's the link to the talk if you want to give it a listen!

“Jesus, the Very Thought of Thee”


Making our lamps for the Ten Virgins Play this coming weekend! (April 6)

The farmland here! (April 6)

Aww Marilyn!! (April 7)

Harvest. (April 8)

Hosting Tek Talk. (we're the new Facebook Admins!) (April 9)

The roll cake we ate at the Jones was delicious! (April 10)

I love this picture of Jesus!!!


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