March 28, 2022


Spanish Fork, UT


Sister Rachel Ravsten

Week 21: Baptism Moment

From: Jenna Hansen
Date: March 28, 2022 at 07:11:23 MDT
To: Jada Hansen
Subject: Week 21: Baptism Moment

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all had a great week.


*Monday, 21:

-We got to go into St. Louis with the Rockwood Sisters because they're leaving us to fly to Spain next week! We had a delicious root beer float at Fitz's too.

*Tuesday, 22:

-We had dinner with the Zimnicks which is always a blast!! We talked about all the different animals they've eaten: rabbit, black bear, squirrel, ostrich, and others haha.

-We got to watch the movie they made about Joseph Smith and the Restoration during lunch. When it showed the first vision, the Spirit was so strong. I love Joseph Smith so much for all that he did. He is such a great example of hard work, loving kindness, enduring to the end, and loving God more than anything!!

*Wednesday, 23:

-It was a rainy, beautiful day and we got to stay inside in the morning for Zoom Zone Conference! God answered our prayers. The night before, we had Gloria's Baptism Interview with our District Leader. was not what I thought it would be. She answered the questions interestingly haha, but we were kind of bummed on the drive home and in the evening because we care about her salvation! But in Zone Conference we discussed all about getting our friends to church and how we can and what we can do and it was exactly what we needed to hear to help Gloria understand the Sabbath Day and what it is!!! We made flash cards for her too haha. We're doing everything we can to make this happen for her!

*Thursday, 24:

-We had a really fun dinner with the Strattons. We talked about our friends we're teaching (since Brother Stratton is the Ward Mission Leader), General Conference, their love story and conversion stories, ate some good food, and got to hear Brother Stratton's amazing music!! They are some really good people and I feel so blessed to know them!

Go look up Tim Stratton on Spotify and give him a listen! He's so good!

*Friday, March 25: Too much good happened this day not to share all of it!

-We had an emotional resilience class with our District and right after had our District Council. I truly appreciate this new program the Church has created. It helps me to see and determine where I am and where I can progress. I also love the family that my District is. Each missionary is so wonderful and adds their own unique piece to missionary work! It's fun to work with them.

-We had such a good dinner with the Albretsens. They make me feel like I'm part of the family and right at home. I also got to read the little girls some Fancy Nancy which reminded me of my sweet Lydia at home!

-Ahhhhh, GLORIA IS SO AMAZING! We went over to her house to see how she was doing and she told us she bought a new dress with matching shoes and everything. She's darling.

*March 26: Gloria's Baptism Day!!!!! Better than Christmas.

-It went so well. She looked beautiful and we had a great turnout from the members. I got to sing! Sister Ravsten and I got to witness and seeing her go under that beautiful water lifted my heart. She is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ! She gets to experience this immense joy and love for herself! It was a perfect day. Heavenly Father blessed me to be able to witness this miracle. She's GLORIAous!!! Haha sorry I couldn't help it.

*March 27:

-Gloria was confirmed in Sacrament Meeting as an official member of the Church of Jesus Christ!

-We got to go over to the Agrens (in the Washington Ward) and I got to record I Believe in Christ. It was a nice breather where I was able to step away from work, and just sing.


General Conference is coming up!! I am so excited. We've been giving lessons to our members about Conference and what we can do to prepare, and it got me thinking. There are so many messages given in those two days that it can be a little overwhelming coming out! We are given guidance and counsel, and we notice what we need to change about ourselves, and we feel discouraged when we don't instantly do better! And then we go back to our normal habits.

But I read an article in the YA Weekly from Gospel Library all about the "General Conference Overwhelm." It gives four steps to how we can approach Conference and how we can take what we learned and apply it. First, we must ask the Lord to tell you one thing you're doing RIGHT. Second, HONESTLY evaluate yourself on how you're doing. Third, PRAY to know what to focus on. And fourth, start SMALL.

So, I invite you to apply these steps this week to prepare for the message that the Spirit will be telling you and then go and do what He asks!! Thanks everybody! Love ya!

♥ Sister Hansen

♥ 4 Ways to Avoid “General Conference Overwhelm”


Floats! (March 21)

Lions Lake (March 24)

Aw, tiwi♥ (March 24)

Lunch with the Harveys and Strattons!😋 (March 26)

Gloria!!! (March 26)

Hahaha had to add this in.


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