March 14, 2022




Sister Rachel Ravsten

Week 19: Happy Daylight Savings!

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Monday, March 7:

We had a really relaxing pday! My highlight was that we got to go to Ozarkland to buy some souvenirs haha. It's a fun place!

We had dinner with the sweet Zweifels and they make me so happy!

Tuesday, March 8:

I hit 4 months this day! And I had exchanges with Sister Stouffer here in Union. We got to contact all of our friends who we haven't been able to get a hold of so that felt really good!

She helped me to understand the things I can control and work on. I've been stressed lately about mission life and how I'm doing and I've been really hard on myself! But I was able to truly turn outwards and view others how Christ did. I accomplished goals that I've set for myself and I feel a lot better. I love learning from other missionaries and I also love losing myself in this work! That's the best way to relieve stress.

We had a really amazing lesson with the Zimnicks. It's my nephew, Brayton's 3rd birthday. For those of you who don't know, he was born March 8, 2019 as a stillborn. I got to read his scripture on his grave for them. Alma 32:21. "And now as I said concerning faith—faith is not to have a perfect knowledge of things; therefore if ye have faith ye hope for things which are not seen, which are true."

I shared my experience with Brayton and the Spirit was so strong. We talked about how our faith will be tried and tested in this life, but that Heavenly Father helps us. He lifts our burdens and brings us closer to home. It was so nice that I got to honor my sweet angel nephew. And it's so wonderful that I get to be doing what Brayton is doing on the other side of the veil! I just get a glimpse of what he's doing right now in the Spirit World!

Happy Birthday Brayton.♥

Wednesday, March 9:

I got to sing in District Council this day! I sang one of my very favorite Christian songs, In the Garden. It's about the Atonement and being in the Garden of Gethsemane with Jesus. I love that I can invite the Spirit through my music.

We had a youth activity in the evening, and I got to jam out with Sister Jones and Brother Stratton. Sister Jones and I had a really wonderful conversation together about all things good. She told me how much she appreciates my music and me being here serving. When we left 4he church to go home, she gave me a hug and told me, "you make my heart so happy." And that right there is what brightened my entire day.

The Lord seriously knows me so well. He knows I love rural, quiet places and He sent me directly to the heart of that.

I'm going to express my love for Missouri.

First, the rolling hills?! Can't get enough of them.

Green, green, green, so many trees.

The people?! Nobody here is judgmental, everyone loves everyone, we are all a family.

And I know I say this so much, but THIS WARD. My family!!! I'm so sad that this is going to be a memory one day. I love my area. I love my family here.

Missouri is my home away from home!

Thursday, March 10:

We went to Sam's to do some farm work and she sent us home with some yummy pepper jelly!

I got to call my family to talk to my dad for his birthday. That was fun to see them! I love my dad. He's the most generous, hard working, supportive person. He's taught me so much!

Friday, March 11:

We had a new missionary meeting in Frontenac that took up most of our day!

The Spirit was so present and I was able to receive so much revelation.

Thought: When President Bell was speaking he asked each of us this simple question,

"What has Jesus Christ done for you?"

I instantly started writing a whole list. He's given me more than I could possibly ever deserve. And He simply gives because He loves me. They displayed the picture of Christ holding out His arms up in the sky where the angels are trumping. And the Spirit hit me. There He was: Jesus Christ, looking directly at me with His arms open wide for me. For me. My favorite lyrics to my favorite hymn read,

"Oh, it is wonderful that He should care for me enough to die for me!"

He cares about you, me, and everyone so much. So much in fact, that He chose to die for us. He chose to. He has given me everything.

So I ask you the same question: What has Jesus Christ given you? What are things you can stop and thank Him for right now?

Saturday, March 12:

We got to go to Sam's again! That was a fun time. We did lots of contacting and I just want to say, being bold and consistent (even if it seems annoying) totally works!!! As missionaries, the social norm is thrown out the window in the best ways haha.

We got to attend the Young Women's Stake Conference and it was so different and neat! They had sisters in the church previously submit deep questions and then the women from the Stake Presidency answered them! The Spirit was fully present and it was a beautiful, heartfelt meeting! We also ate tacos for dinner hahaha.

Sunday, March 13:

Ready for a miracle?!! In the morning, I was feeling pretty sad. I truly wasn't sure what was going on with the McDonalds because it's been so hard to get a hold of them and there's been a few other barriers. We said a prayer and headed into church with smiling faces and there we met a man from another ward. He asked if we're the Sisters meeting with the McDonalds. We replied with a big "yes!" And he started telling us all about how he knows them and they've been good friends for many years, and he cleared some questions we've been having about them right up for us!! He was an instant answer to our prayers!

In the evening, we got to go over to the McDonalds house to set some big expectations with them. And Gloria is so ready to be baptized! Ah, the Spirit was so strong. It washed all my worries away and I felt so incredibly happy! Towards the end of our lesson, she told us that we are like sweet Care Bears. We are just so easy to love! I thought that was sweet. There's nowhere else I'd rather be than here.


Exchanges! We tossed a basketball back and forth with Jayden. (March 8)

Lake Shore! (March 8)

A magnolia tree.😍

District Council! (March 9)

Beautiful painting of the Nauvoo Temple in the church. (March 11)

Stake YW Conf. (March 12)

Aw, happy birthday Sister Yocum! (March 13)


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