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Sister Rachel Ravsten

Week 18: Life is Good with God!

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Monday, February 28:

We went to the Arch and there were so many of us Sisters! It was fun to get out and about and show the new Sisters the city! St. Louis is beautiful.

Later this evening, I was on the phone with my sweet parents and I got to show them the drive to Gray Summit on our way to Bishop's, and then mom and dad got to talk to the Daniels for a minute! It was fun showing my family just the kind of people I get to spend my time with.

We drove with the Daniels to the Ezells for Shiva. So many ward members were there to support them! Also, Shiva is a Jewish tradition where you go to mourn with those who have recently lost their loved ones. People sit on the floor and just sit and listen. Haha, the Ezells are a little more unorthodox though so it was more like a family party. And being there, my heart was so full. It seriously felt like we were all there as one big family and I thought to myself, "THIS is why I'm a missionary." I already miss this place so much. I wish this could last forever.

Tuesday, March 1:

Busy days! We love these days. Haha, we drove to Sam's in the morning to do farm work in the sun, and it was so warm I got sunburnt! Haha. Sister Ravsten loves it here as much as I do so it's fun to love this work together!

Later in the afternoon we went to Lions Park in Washington with Kylie and had our companion study outside on a park bench.:)

We had a Mardi Gras dinner at the Zimnicks and they went all out with Caijan, French, Creole food. It was good!

We had a wonderful lesson with Jennifer at the church in the evening. She's a beautiful daughter of God!

Wednesday, March 2:

We had Zone Conference today!! And I got to truly dive deep into what I need to be better at. I learned and was reminded that right now, all I need to do is stand where I am, enjoy where I'm at, and keep moving forward! Learn to laugh at your mistakes, be bold in situations, remember that I am on the path to greater faith, and most importantly: anything that is worth it, you have to work hard for.

After Conference, we ate a delicious lunch and Sister Ravsten and I met with President and Sister Bell to talk about this big concert she's planning! And out of all the missionaries in the mission, she contacted us to help them with it! We felt so happy that we get this opportunity!

Later in the evening, we grabbed Big Boys for dinner and ate outside by the Missouri River and it was so beautiful. I love life and I love God!!!!!!

We also got to go to the Youth Activity and Sister Ravsten got to meet more members!

*Can I just tell you how much I love Sister Ravsten? She is so kind, loves life, she lifts me up, gives the sweetest compliments, helps me with this work, is diligent, makes the work fun, and I just feel so lucky to have her!*

Thursday, March 3:

Such a productive day! We were out of the house by 10 am to go to Sam's to help her out with work on the farm. We love her so much! Every week she gives us a dozen eggs and whatever else. She's so kind and thoughtful.

Later, we grabbed a shake to celebrate Sister Ravsten's one of month being a missionary and we studied by the Missouri River.

We ate dinner and watched the sunset, and visited the Albretsens for Brother Albretsen's Birthday! The Saucedas and Daniels were there too and I brought my guitar and played them a couple songs. It was fun to be there with them! Plus Sister Albretsen made the most delicious ice cream cake. Haha.

Friday, March 4:

Miracle after miracle after miracle, and I get to witness them thanks to Heavenly Father!!!

We left the house at 10 in the morning and didn't get back home until 19 00! We went to the library for weekly planning and met Kylie at Miller's Grill for lunch! We love Kylie. She makes us so happy.

After, we went to Lions Park to walk and have our comp inventory. It's so great the friendship Sister Ravsten and I have after just a little over one week! I feel like I've known her for a lot longer!

Then we headed to Union to meet with Machel. And wow. This lesson was so amazing! We sat and listened to her talk about the problems she's been facing recently. That's one main reason I love being a missionary: I get to listen to people and love them with God's infinite love!!!! We taught her the 10 Commandments and guess what??! SHE brought up baptism! She said how Jayden has been talking about being baptized and coming to church. How he's been wanting a new pair of dress pants so that he can go to church. Machel bought him some for a funeral they're having, and he saw them and said, "Mimi now we can go to church!!" Ah, so tender! But Machel told us how she wants us to keep studying with him and teaching him about baptism and she said that when he is ready, she'll be too! Ah, I love them so much!!!!

We had a great dinner with Sister Combs. She is such a sweetheart.

We had a really really good day. Being a missionary is so wonderfully amazing.

Saturday, March 5:

We got to do cemetery service at the Greenwood Cemetery in St. Louis with the whole Zone! It's beautiful and the weather was so nice. The Greenwood Cemetery is a historic site. The government was going to turn it into a park, but these people bought it to keep it alive! But it's hard to maintain, so the missionaries have been going to help clean and preserve it for as long as they can remember. It's really neat that we got to be part of that!

In the evening, we met with the McDonalds and President Melby from the mission Presidency! He gave the lesson on 5 steps to quitting smoking and it was amazing. The Spirit was there, he set expectations with them, we set a day that Gloria will be done smoking, and Gloria bore her testimony on the Book of Mormon and how she knows it is true!!!

Afterwards, we went to dinner with President Melby and his son. President gave us so much advice on how we need to talk to everyone and tell everyone who we are. He told us that we need to be bold when we teach and with everything we do and to invite everyone to be baptized. It was so amazing. He's awesome!!

Sunday, March 6:

Ah, what a great day! It was Tess Durham's Baptism! I got to sing with her older sister which was really neat. Tess is so sweet. The Spirit was so present and I'm so thankful for the power of Baptism. This was my first one on my mission so it was special!

We had dinner at the Agrens, who are in the Washington Ward, and I got to record the song I sang in Stake Conference!

I hope you had a great week and that all is well wherever you are! I love you all so much!


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