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Sister Lilia Guzman

Week 16: Transfer Week!

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Good morning! Happy TWOsday! We got to go to the Temple this morning which was so wonderful! I love the Temple!! And Sister Mills was there!

If you want to read the Transfer News, scroll down to February 21!

Love you all!

Monday, February 14:

We had a good day of shopping! It was warm enough to take a nice walk around Washington which was fun to show Sister Guzman!

Highlight from this day:

We met with Machel and Jayden! Jayden has been learning how to pray and he was so excited and willing to say the closing prayer. It made me happy to know that prayer is such an exciting, wonderful thing! It is our way we get to communicate with our Father in Heaven who wants to hear from us! He doesn't care how long or short, detailed or vague they are. He just cares that we take the time to talk to Him. I love prayer and I love how much it has affected my life! If you have any names for me to pray for, please send them my way!

Tuesday, February 15:

We got to go to the St. Louis temple! Sadly, I didn't get to go through but I got to walk around the temple grounds with some other Sisters from my mission while we waited for Sister Guzman and their companions haha.

We got to go to lunch with Sister Guzman's two previous companions, Sister Heugly (Huge-ley) and Sister Falila! They're sweethearts!

After that, we drove back to Villa Ridge to have dinner at the Zimnicks. We laughed so hard with them. Brother Zimnick is a literal chef. Every week I swear he makes something that is 1. hard to eat, or 2. messy! It's still delicious though. But he laughs at us when we are trying to eat the food hahaha. So he'd cooked some type of cabbage that was crumbly and stringy, and when I tried eating it with my fork it just kept falling off. So I ended up picking it up, folding it into a ball, and eating it. Hahaha, they got a hoot from that! I love them so so much.

We also had an amazing, Spiritual lesson with Jennifer about church, pray, and read! Sidter Guzman and I were able to open our mouths and testify of what we know. As I was sitting there in the middle of the lesson, my heart felt so incredibly full of joy for this work. I know I say this a lot, but it's because it's true! I love being a missionary with my whole heart. This is the greatest, funnest, most fulfilling work, and I get to be part of it!

Wednesday, February 16:

Busy day! We had District Council and we all bore our testimonies.

My testimony: I am almost finished with training, which means I've been out in the field for 12 weeks! It's amazing how much I've grown these past two transfers. I've learned so much, but the biggest thing that I've taken is how important it is to be yourself! I have been called to serve here in the St. Louis mission because of my talents, weaknesses, abilities, and mistakes! I am Sister Hansen, not my companion, but me! And I do not have to be a robot to work hard and be successful! I am thankful for how much I've grown these past few months and I can't believe this transfer is already coming to an end.

Highlights from this day:

We got to do farm work! And guess how many new lambs they have? 8! They are so stinkin' adorable. I love working on the farm. It's my happy place!

We went to a yummy Mexican restaurant for dinner and picked up a new! Angel! He is so awesome.

We had a good lesson with Machel and Jayden and read the Book of Mormon with Jayden to help him understand. It was fun!

We made chocolate covered strawberries with Kylie! She is so sweet.

Thursday, February 17:

We were snowed in this day so we kind of had a boring one haha. But the good news is we got a hold of lots of people, new and old! Glad we can still work hard though we're cooped up.

Friday, February 18:

We were able to go outside!!! I got to drive the Rav for the first time which was pretty fun haha. We did some weekly planning and it was warm enough *in the sun* to go out around Washington to have some companion inventory! I told Sister Guzman how I've been stressed about her leaving and me leading out the area and she told me that it's not going to be easy, but that the Lord trusts me to do His work here in Union. I just have to give my all to Him. A song came to mind that always plays on JoyFM. It's called See Me Through It by Brandon Heath, but the lyrics say,


We got to have dinner with the Albretsens. They bring me so much joy. One of their little 3 year olds, Sadie, said the prayer. It was the sweetest thing you could've heard.

We had lots of cheese and chocolate fondue and we shared a fun object lesson that the kids loved!

Saturday, February 19:

What a good day!

Highlight: We had Stake Conference in Chesterfield and we got to hear from so many amazing disciples! A convert from China spoke all about her genealogy which was sooo cool, then we heard from a recent convert from East St. Louis who was so dang cute, then I got to sing I Believe in Christ!!!! Then we got to hear from a Baptist Pastor who was so amazing. He was shouting praises over the pulpit and the whole congregation kept saying, "Amen!" Then the Stake Presidency spoke. It was so awesome. Man, I have never been so happy!!!!

Sunday, February 20:

We had our Sunday session of Stake Conference and they talked so much about gathering Israel! President and Sister Bell spoke about missionary work, and another speaker talked about how our homes can be Spiritual sanctuaries from the world! She read Helaman 5:12 and explained how we all must build our testimonies upon the foundation of Christ!

I know the Lord keeps His promises. He's always there for us!

Monday, February 21:

Transfer Weeks! Got a text from the AP's to call President and guess what?! I'm training! Ah, I'm nervous and excited all at once. Ambivalence! I'm excited to see where these next Transfers will take me. I know I'm going to grow so much and I trust Heavenly Father to help me. I'd also love your prayers! Haha.

But the day was absolutely beautiful. We drove around Washington, went for a nice walk in the park and by the Missouri River, and got to meet with our amazing friends in the evening!

Please pray for Machel and Jayden as they continue to progress and pray for the McDonalds who are doing so well on their journey towards the waters of Baptism!


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