January 31, 2022




Sister Emery DeMill

Week 13: I'm in a trio!

Monday, January 24:

Sister DeMill got her things together to start packing up to leave for Chile! We had a productive day! It's funny. We just made a list of the things we needed instead of planning where to go, and it actually ended up being more effective than our other pdays! Note-to-self for the future haha.

Life is good here in Union Missouri. We are seeing the fruits of our labor and it's wonderful! We got to meet with Tess to give her her very last lesson before she gets baptized! I love kids and everything about them. They have a sweet spirit that everyone else needs in their lives. No wonder Christ asks us to be like little children! They are tender-hearted, quick to forgive, loving, honest, and kind!

Tuesday, January 25:

We drove to Wildwood to drop Sister DeMill's covid test off and we got Canes for lunch! Haha.

My favorite thing about this day was that we got to go to the coffee shop to journal. We spent time studying, chatting, and sitting in silence while we crafted.

Brother Zimnick made ooey gooey butter cake for us which was so delicious! He's a great chef. We meet with them every Tuesday and he's always got something new and tasty for us to try.

We also had a great lesson with Jennifer about the Book of Mormon. We went over the Restoration with her and we are seriously so happy she's on date! We're excited for her. All your prayers have definitely been working!!

Wednesday, January 26:

We had a busy day!

We had District Council and each of us gave a thought from chapter nine. We talked about finding, developing the faith to find, the importance of family history work, working with members, and more! It was great.

We did farm work at Sam's and she had just delivered a new baby lamb! We got to hold her and she's so precious.

We stopped by a few of the members' homes to drop off letters Sister DeMill wrote to them and we got to drive into the city to see President and Sister Bell at the mission home so Sister DeMill could say goodbye.

We'd been getting Sister DeMill ready to go to Chile when... we got a call from President. He said her test came out she's not leaving! She's staying for about a couple weeks haha.

Thursday, January 27:

Ah! I love personal study. Every morning, I get an hour (which is not enough time) to study whatever the Lord prompts me to.

I wrote Heavenly Father a love letter. It was a great way for me to express my love and appreciation to Him, and I feel closer to Him because I know that He can always hear me and loves me no matter what.

The rest of our day was great! I've been working on following promptings from the Spirit more closely and I've noticed that when I follow even the smallest nudge, I feel happier. The Spirit helps me to remember the big and little things, to know right from wrong, and He is my constant companion!

Friday, January 28:

It was a BIG day. We picked up Sister Guzman!! We are in a tri companionship!!! She is from Hurricane and she's been out for about 7 months. She was in Danville up in Illinois before this and her original assignment is the Argentina, Rosario mission. We are excited to have her in the best area in the mish. Haha, we took her straight to Pacific to go for a walk and we ate at Sister Combs'. We definitely ate some dog hair with our food but we laughed it off.😂

Then we took Sister Guzman to meet Bishop and his family! Haha, he sat us down and showed us the history of Union which I LOVED. I could've sat there all night looking through the news articles and pictures, and listening to Bishop tell the cool stories!

On the drive home my heart was just so full. I feel so happy to be here and I love this work so much! Missionary life is awesome.

Saturday, January 29:

Ah, I love being in a trio!! Sister Guzman is so awesome. I'm already loving learning from not one, but TWO sweet Sisters!!

We met with Bishop in the morning at the church building to go over one of his 4am revelations haha. He wrote out a "Missionary Menu" that we'll pass out to the members in church. It has a list of the lessons and principles we teach and friends they can invite to the lessons, etc. I'll put a picture of it on here for you to see! Haha, he's so involved and great!

He then took us and his daughter Aleyna to eat tamales for lunch in Washington. They were delicious! We ended up passing out a Book of Mormon to one of the workers there!

We had an amazing comp inventory and learned so much from each other. The best way to grow closer to each other is to talk it out! We all went around and said how we're each feeling mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. This will be one thing from many that I will use for the rest of my life!

We had a great lesson with the McDonalds. We taught them the Plan of Salvation and though their dogs were crazy, jumping around all over us, we were still able to help them understand it! Brother Ezell was there with us too. He's so awesome.

Please pray for the McDonalds!

Sunday, January 30:

Church was so good! Bishop had Sister Guzman stand up in Sacrament to introduce her! She's already so loved. She's gonna love it here.

The McDonalds came to church!

We went knocking on some yellow dots doors and met someone who is actually interested which rarely happens so we were stoked.

We are all getting along so well already. We spent the whole night laughing and talking about our memories and old Disney Channel movies that we'd watch. We were talking about Good Luck Charlie the Movie and Sister Guzman said that SHE MET THE CAST while they were filming it down by St. George. Haha I was freaking out. That show was my favorite as a kid!

I had such a great week! I'm so happy Sister Guzman AND Sister DeMill are both my companions/trainers!

Please keep Jennifer, Gloria, Mike, and Weston in your prayers! I love you all so much!


Sitting on a park bench (January 24)

We LOVE Cane's! (January 25)

The Zimnicks made us ooey gooey butter cake! (January 25)

Jennifer! (January 25)

Sam! (January 26)

Sam's new lamb and her sweet dog curled up together. 🥺 (January 26)

The District. (January 26)

Bishop doing his thing. (January 29)

Missionary Menu!


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