January 24, 2022




Sister Emery DeMill

Week 12

Monday, January 17:

We had such a good day because we actually got to get out of the apartment! Haha. Sister DeMill and I have so much fun together. She was telling me on the way to the grocery store that you tend to be most like the 5 people who you are closest to and said one of them was me! It made me smile because I feel that we have become such close friends. She really is wonderful!

But I am feeling 100% better health-wise!

In personal study, I read from PMG chapter 4 about praying with faith. It gives you a bulleted list of what to say in your personal prayers with Heavenly Father and it really helped me to know how to have more meaningful prayers!

When praying, remember that you are having a conversation with your Father! Ask Him for help in the things you struggle with, pray sincerely and with full trust in Him. Rely on Him to help you, because HE WILL! I love that I get to talk to Heavenly Father whenever I want to! And so do you! So don't take advantage of that. :))

Tuesday, January 18:

It was a nice day! We got to go for several walks and ate dinner with the Zimnicks. They're so sweet and generous.

Brother Zimnick was telling us a story about how when he was serving in Afghanistan he bought several miniature sets of scriptures to give out to those who wanted them over there, and he gave us sets that he actually carried around over there! I will cherish these for the rest of my life!!

Sister DeMill and I went into the church to call a few people and we sang a few songs from the Children's Songbook. As we sang, I thought about how beautiful that book is! It has so much doctrine. I actually want to study it more and learn the songs as best I can because I think it will help me so much in my teaching!

Wednesday, January 19:

It was a busy day!

I sang in Zone Conference!!

We talked about enduring to the end. How having faith, repenting, renewing our covenants, and receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost is an iterative process!! Living the Gospel of Jesus Christ is a constant journey that takes us uphill, not around and around. We are progressing towards Jesus every single day when we strive to become like Him.

Though I may not love every day of my mission, I must embrace every moment.


Sister DeMill and I had dinner at a nice restaurant in Washington and we went to the youth activity with the ward. We got to hear Brother Stratton play a couple of the songs he's written on the guitar *his voice is so beautiful* He sang us a song he made up to the Beatitudes in Matthew 5:3-13.

But we got to go on Family Tree with the young women's and I got sucked into my genealogy! Haha, I love learning the history of my family and where I came from. It's beautiful. I love Heavenly Father. He is so amazingly smart! I am part of His plan!!!! And so are you. Please please please if you get the chance, go onto Family Tree and do family history! It is so important!!! It shows you that every single person has a purpose in His plan. You have purpose, Heavenly Father LOVES YOU so much. Gosh darnit, I mean it!!!!

Thursday, January 20:

It was 16° all day!! So cold! Haha, but we had a good day. We called a lot of people and got to go to Sam's to do farm work.

We also got to write out Jennifer's baptism calendar!! We're so excited for her. Please keep her in your prayers!

Found out we have/had Covid...haha now I can't say that I made it through the pandemic without getting the dang virus!

One Highlight: I got to play my guitar a whole bunch today! Any chance I got, I practiced. It felt really nice to pluck strings and hum tunes. I love music!

Friday, January 21:

Sister DeMill found out she's going to week! Which means I'll be getting another trainer in the middle of the transfer!

Though I'm sad about her leaving, I'm so excited for her next adventure.

We ate at a pizza buffet (a lot like Pizza Pie Cafe) called Moe's for lunch with the Mays. Brother Mays is from Kentucky so he was telling us about Loretta Lynn's home there and all about where he grew up!

We got home and realized that we have to isolate ourselves for five days which is no fun! Hoping it goes quick!

One thing I learned this day:

Life is so much better when you can laugh at yourself. Mistakes are going to be made! It's a given part of life. So when you do make them, be quick to stand up, shake it off, laugh and learn, and keep moving forward!

I'm not a perfect missionary and by far not a perfect person and I'm okay with that!

The Lord's work is not going to end because of my mistakes! So why should I worry or fear? All I need to be doing right now is obeying His commandments, studying His Doctrine, living it, and teaching it!!! That's it! When we take a step back to see the simplicity of life and Heavenly Father's profound love for us, we realize this life is pretty amazing!

Saturday, January 22:

We went to the church building for about half the day to get out of the apartment haha. We did lots of journaling. It was really relaxing and just what I needed! I love how journaling lets me sit back and think to myself. It truly brings me closer to Heavenly Father because I am able to organize my thoughts and reflect back on all the good things! :)

Big big big miracle from this day!!!

We've been teaching these self-referrals, the McDonalds for about two weeks now. Mike and Gloria are married, and Weston is Mike's son. We met with them over the phone and taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ which went so well! They had questions and we could tell they were really engaged. Wanna know what happened next? Sister DeMill invited them to be baptized and without hesitation they said yes!!! Haha, we heard Gloria ask Weston (who is about 11) which church he wanted to be baptized in and he goes,, "Oh, the 'Mormon' church without a doubt!" So we set a date for them! They are so elect and I cannot wait for them to receive the blessings of being members of this amazing and beautiful church. I know it is true!

There's nowhere else I'd rather be than doing this satisfying work!

Sunday, January 23:

I got to sing in the Washington Ward and it went really well!

Sister DeMill gave an amazing talk in our ward. She talked about the sons of Mosiah serving the people and teaching through the Spirit! She explained how opening your mouth and speaking the words of the Spirit is courageous and bold and what we as missionaries need to do!

She also talked about how we wear Christ's name over our hearts. She clearly stated, "How would you want someone to act if they were wearing your name?" And it made me think how this name tag I put on every day is my superpower. I am a superhero *in a sense* haha and this tag is my shield!

After she spoke, Brother Perkins from the Bishopric stood up and announced the closing hymn, Lord I Would Follow Thee. He explained how the word "would" is poetic and is similar to "might." He said how we shouldn't stand before the Lord and say, "I might follow you." I mean, do you think that's what He wants to hear? No! We need to say, "Lord, I WILL follow you!" So we sang just that! We replaced "would" with "will." I WILL follow my Lord because I love Him more than anything!

Oh! I almost forgot the best part about today! We had 4 of our friends come to church and one of them was Jennifer. It was her first time coming!! She loved it and we were so happy.

Please pray for Jennifer, Mike, Gloria, and Weston. They're all four on date for baptism!


Playing chess and practice

teaching at our favorite coffee shop in Washington. (January 18)

Dad when he was a missionary!

Zone Conference! (January 19)

Washington Library. (January 20)

Found a gorgeous Catholic church and went for a walk! (January 23)

Tim Stratton's Beatitudes. Such a good song!


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