January 11, 2022




Sister Emery DeMill

Transfer Week!

Monday, January 3:

It was a great day! We got to go to Walmart to go grocery shopping and I love just saying hello to everyone I see! Giving compliments to random people is the best. You should all try it out! Try and see how many people you can make smile!

One thing I learned this day:

BE BOLD! Heavenly Father is leading me to the people I need to serve and teach and vice versa! So don't beat around the bush! When I contact people through Facebook, I tend to drag the conversation on and on before I mention I'm a missionary sharing messages about Jesus Christ. But Sister DeMill and I had a great conversation on how we need to be proud about who we represent and shout His name! That way, whoever isn't ready to hear the message will say so and that will lead me to those who are ready! Embrace the awkward!!

Tuesday, January 4:

Sister Everett (STL) and I had an exchange and I led out the area! Ah! My first time. She's from Spanish Fork too!

We had such a great day.


We met with Jennifer over the phone and I definitely felt the Spirit speaking through me and it was beautiful!

Then we went to Machels house (I've only met with her once) and she's a self-referral. We met with her last week and told her we could come back to help clean her home and we left a copy of the Book of Mormon with her and GUESS WHAT?! We walked in and she said she'd been reading "our book" and that she has so many questions for us!!

And THEN she told us she'd been praying about it and wants to come to our church with her grandson who lives with her!!!! She opened up to us about everything that's been going on in her life and Sister Everett and I were simply there to listen and love and the Spirit was so strong! Sister Everett even asked her about baptism and she said she'd love to be (eventually)! And that she'd want her grandson to be baptized too!!! I was like...WHAT?! This woman is amazing and so ready to receive the Gospel!!!!! We are going to meet with her not one, not two, but THREE times a week now!!!

On the way back to switch, Sister Everett and I had a great conversation. She told me that the main thing she's learned on her mission is the importance of remembering your blessings and to acknowledge the tender mercies of the Lord every day!

Heavenly Father knew I needed this exchange this day. It helped me to see myself the way He sees me!!! I also LOVE Sister Everett! She is so genuine and kind and made me feel so comfortable!

She gave me so many sweet compliments and told me she loves how much I love journaling and she wants to make that her new goal to journal everyday! That made me happy.😊

Tuesday, January 5:

Sister DeMill and I drove to Wildwood for our last District Council of the Transfer! Crazy how fast it went by! We signed tag journals and Sister Brown made peanut butter bars which were delicious! Haha.

We got to eat a delicious dinner with the Albretsens and right after we had Ward Council!

The new youth theme for this year is "Trust in the Lord" How perfect, yet how simple! When we put our full trust and faith in the Lord, he will deliver us. There's no doubt. It's a promise! We read of the story in Daniel chapter 3 when Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-nego did not turn down God. They stood for what they believed in! They put their trust in Heavenly Father and He delivered them from the fiery furnace! What an amazing example of faith and trust!

Thursday, January 6:

It was cold as can be! It snowed!! We went to Sam's to do farm work and I swear my fingers were gonna fall off haha, but I'm not complaining! I love helping her.

It was definitely a slower day than usual, but we were able to meet with a few people over the phone and we got to go inside a cute little coffee shop for comp study!

Sister DeMill and I pulled out the Book of Mormon and we flipped to any verse from there to determine what our year, 2022 will be like. My verse was 3 Nephi 18:7.

"And this shall ye do in remembrance of my body, which I have shown unto you. And it shall be a testimony unto the Father that ye do always remember me. And if ye do always remember me ye shall have my Spirit to be with you."

I thought that was neat! Remember who the Lord is to me and what He's done for me, keep His commandments, and I will ALWAYS have the Spirit by my side! Same for you too!

Friday, January 7:

We went to Bishops house to help him with the talk he gave on Sunday. Bishops house is right next to the Methodist church in Union, so he walked Sister DeMill and I over there to sing in their chapel! And guess what? They invited me to come sing for their service!!

We went to the library to call Brother Ezell's daughter who is getting ready to go to the temple for the first time! She's been a little nervous, so we just comforted her and told her what a privilege it is to be able to enter in the Lord's house!

We ate at this super yummy Mexican restaurant called El Agave that reminded me of Milagros at home!

Back in our apartment, we called several members to sing to them through the phone. I love that I get to use my talents here on the mission!

Sister DeMill and I had a good day full of laughs! Those are the best days.😊

Saturday, January 8:

2 months of being Sister Hansen! It honestly feels like I've been a set apart missionary for much longer haha, but my first Transfer in the field flew by! It's true that the days feel like weeks and the weeks feel like days.

But we had a good day! We had a really fun study/lunch at Fricks marketplace and they had a live band playing music! That's right. A live band in a grocery store! I loved it.

A thought from this day:

Make sure your FOCUS is on Christ and on why you are doing what you're doing! Don't do things just to check it off a list. Do all things with a happy mindset and with your head lifted high. Being on the mission, I've been learning about how to use my time wisely. It is so important! I am on the Lord's time and I can't be wasting a second...even when it's hard! My message is simple:





Be a missionary NOW!

Sunday, January 9:

Guess what I got to do?? Sing in a Methodist church, that's what!! I sang "I Believe Christ" on the guitar and Sister DeMill played the piano while I sang "Peace in Christ."

We got to stay for the sermon which was pretty neat to experience! The pastor has a long beard and wore a funky checkered suit and he talked all about how we are God's creation, that He loves us, and that He knows us. He was shouting it at the top of his lungs! Haha, and he kept saying how much he appreciated us Sisters singing for their service and being there to spread our light. I'm telling ya, Missourians are the kindest people!

After that neat service we headed to our church meeting! We had two friends we've been talking to through Facebook come and it was Ward Conference! Bishop gave a nice talk about having accountability and I got to sing "I Believe in Christ" again for the Union ward! It was awesome.

Our Stake President spoke about the different ways we can feel the Spirit. He told us that Heavenly Father makes more of us than we are. He went over a story of him singing a part in the Nauvoo ward and how it wasn't "anything compared to Sister Hansen's" 😂 but he said that though he didn't feel like he did well, people kept coming up to him, telling him how much they felt the Spirit through his singing.

Even when you don't feel as though you've done something "perfectly" the Spirit can still be present and people do feel it through you!

We had a spur of the moment instinct to go to the Jones' in our ward and we walked in and they were playing a fun board game! So we joined in and it was so much fun! They're a sweet family. Sister Jones gave me a scarf she crocheted which is beautiful! Oh my goodness, and Bishop bought me a beautiful guitar strap with embroidered flowers which I love!!!

I can't express to you how much love I have for the people of Union, Missouri. They're the most generous, kind, open, good-hearted people. I don't even feel like I'm away from home because they make me feel right at home! I know I'm right where I need to be.

Monday, January 10:

Transfer Week!

I've completed my first Transfer! My first six weeks!

We had a good day just talking with our friends, studying, and doing the usual!

We taught Machel the Plan of Salvation and she was so intrigued! It's so fun helping others understand the doctrine of the gospel and what we believe.

One thing I learned from this day:

It takes a lot of patience when you feel that you don't know the gospel as well as your companion. I was comparing myself hard-core! Asking myself, "Why can't I teach as well as her?" "Why can't I be as confident as her?" But I read Adjusting to Missionary Life and it told me to "Focus more on what you do well than on what you do wrong." To focus on my strengths and what I have to offer as a missionary!

It helped me to see myself the way God sees me, and to remind myself that I am doing better than I think! A good friend emailed me and told me that, and I believe him! I know I am doing the best I can right now. I just have to remind myself. :)


Sister Everett and I in the cutest grocery store in the world on Exchanges! (January 4)

Snippet of a Missouri sunset. (January 4)

Sister DeMill, Kylie, and I in the Exit 11 coffee shop. Kylie is a recent convert who likes to shadow us missionaries sometimes! (January 6)

Us in the Methodist church after the meeting! (January 9)


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