January 3, 2022




Sister Emery DeMill

Week 9!

Monday, December 27:

We were so organized this day!

We made goals and plans to find more people this week and to have productive comp study!

We gave a big bag of goodies to a homeless man by Walmart and it felt so good!!! I was telling Koven about it and he said he'd been doing the same thing. My little buddy is already a missionary at home!

We got to go shopping around in Washington and this little town is so adorable. I'm bringing my family here after my mission.

We got to see a beautiful art gallery of paintings of historic St. Louis: many from the Lewis and Clark trail.

In the evening we went with Bishop's wife and two daughters to visit some members!

One thing I learned this day:

"Small steps of progress are helping me to come closer to Him."

I had a great talk with Sister DeMill and my family about who I am affecting being on this mission.

Even though I may sometimes feel like I'm seeing no progress in my efforts, I am planting seeds. I am moving forward when I follow Him and keep His commandments.

Just as D&C 18:15 states: "And if it so be that you should labor all your days in crying repentance unto this people, and bring, save it be one soul unto me, how great shall be your joy with him in the kingdom of my Father!"

Save it be one soul. That one soul is myself.

Rejection is just another opportunity to meet new people who are ready to hear and receive the Gospel of Jesus Christ!!!

And if no one accepts it just yet, I have and I continue to accept it every single day!!

Tuesday, December 28:

We accomplished all our goals and did everything we planned in Area Book! (That rarely happens because the Spirit is always directing us to do something else)! But it's always important to have something planned for every hour of the day even though you may not end up doing it. Anyway, I thought that was neat!

Highlight from this day:

We were at the library doing companion study. We both were silently studying but for some reason, I wasn't feeling myself.

I was feeling sad and like I wasn't smart enough to be here!

As soon as those thoughts crept onto my head, I got a picture from my sweet sister, Whitney. She sent me a quote that said, "Satan attacks worth first. Because if we doubt it, we are crippled. And if we understand it, we can do anything."

Heavenly Father told her I needed to hear that message. After reading that, I felt the Spirit confirm to me the worth that I do have. That I'm smart enough and I have a purpose in this companionship. I said a prayer and wrote down four things that I did well so far that day.

I call them my small wins. Thanks Whit, for making my day. :)

Wednesday, December 29:

It was freezing!

We had a great district council meeting and we talked all about finding joy in the journey. I thought about how in any book we read or any movie we watch, the main character goes through a journey - some type of change - to be better than they were at the beginning.

Our lives are all our own journeys that God has written and is directing! We go through change and trials to become better than we were before!! And what's so neat is that we are all able to find joy in the midst of the hard.

It opened my mind to the kind of missionary and woman I want to be and can be: one who is grateful, smart, clean, true, humble, and prayerful!

Heavenly Father will help me become who I desire to become. His way is the only way that brings true joy!

We found many new places in Washington to study and we found a new person at the thrift store!!

We also called so many people this day to share messages and see how they're doing!

Thursday, December 30:

We went to Sam's today to do farm work! We shoveled out her sheep pen which was stinky, but so fun. Sister DeMill and I do this fun thing where we share stories; whether it be our favorite movies, TV shows, books, personal, anything! And the whole time we were shoveling, she was telling me all about the cartoon show, Carmen San Diego. And it was so fun! She is seriously the best story teller and has such a way of describing the details! If she comes out with a book one day, I won't be surprised! ;)

We came back home and got ready and didn't go out the rest of our day because our miles are WRECKED haha but we were able to call several people and find many people on Facebook! The Spirit was definitely present while we had our lessons. It's truly amazing the tool our phones can be when we use them in God's way!

Friday, December 31:

New Year's Eve!! We spent our day in Union helping a member with her decorations and meeting with a couple of friends!

It was a slower day, but it was still effective.

Everyday is another step forward.

2 highlights:

1. The weather was wonderful! We drove with the windows down all day and went for a nice walk in a park in Union.

2. We had a great New Year's Eve missionary meeting with President and Sister Bell. They told us their wish list for us as disciples:

Sister Bell's was for us to remember our worth. To know that we as individual missionaries have a great work to do and that we can accomplish His will when we are faithful!

President Bell's was for us to never become less active in the Kingdom of God. To remember for the rest of my mission and life that this IS the real, Restored Church of Jesus Christ.

They told us to think of a New Year's Resolution: a personal goal for 2022.

I made a goal and I also made plans for how I will achieve that goal. A goal without a plan is nothing!!! And it's also important to only make one or two goals at a time so that you don't overwhelm yourself and give up! You have to take it one day at a time and remember that you ARE making progress even if it doesn't feel like it. Do babies walk at two days old? No!! They need time to learn, grow, and progress! Just like us!! We're not expected to be perfect today, tomorrow, or five years from now. As long as we're learning more of Christ each day and repenting daily, the Lord will bless us. He is pleased with our efforts!

So ponder your goal(s), write them down, and pray to God for His help! He loves you and wants to help you!!

We also got to watch The Fighting Preacher before bed!! Sister DeMill and I laid our mattresses on the floor and turned on the movie in our room to watch! It was so fun.

Saturday, January 1:

I thought Utah weather was bipolar, but it's honestly nothing compared to Missouri haha. It was frigid cold. So cold in fact, that our windshield froze over WHILE we were driving! We also have had to leave our faucets dripping so our pipes don't freeze over!

This day was so slow! I guess you gotta have them all though, right? Not everyday is the same and that's alright. It can be hard though.

We went to Sam's to shovel out more mud from the sheep pen and we carried bales of hay out for them too. It was mudddy!! I loved it haha. Sister DeMill told me about Anne of Green Gables this time!

Anyway, we didn't meet with many people, but we got to call just a couple.

But something that made my day was that several of my friends from home and on missions emailed me! They told me exactly what I needed to hear and it made me so happy knowing that God is looking out for me through all of the people He's placed in my life.

Sister DeMill and I also laughed so much throughout the day, which always makes me feel better!

There's always good in every day. Even when it's not your favorite.

Look for the small wins!

Sunday, January 2:

I've said it once and I'll say it again, Sunday's are my favorite days!!

I had a great personal study about having confidence in yourself. True confidence comes from Heavenly Father. It's when you can laugh at yourself, get back up, and move forward. It's when you can humble yourself unto the Lord to say that you're not perfect, but you want to continue trying through faith and with help from Him. There's no other way than from the help of our Father in Heaven! Ask yourself,

How do I tell my story?

Who do I want to be?

How does God see me?

And write down what comes to your mind!

I have such a strong testimony of the power of fasting. Sister DeMill and I made it our goal this coming week to find one new person to teach every day! So we fasted that we'd find one new and guess what??! We met Tyson! I felt the Spirit tell me what he needed to hear which was so powerful!

We also were able to tune into a departing missionary testimony meeting. Something that stood out to me is that we need to love God more than we love ourselves or anything or anyone else. When we do this, our faith in Him is strengthened and we are able to see how much He truly loves each of us! I love my Father in Heaven more than I love my family, my hometown, myself, or anything else because He is the one who gave me every single thing that I love!! I want to show Him I love Him every single day by being obedient and diligent in His work!!

I hope you all had a great week! I'm thankful for each of you and I want you to remember: HEAVENLY FATHER LOVES YOU!!!


Got ice cream in Washington! (December 27)

Saw this cool monster truck light while we were delivering nativities with the Daniels. (December 27)

President Bell!

Sam and Billie's farm! (December 30)

Harry Potter was on and we were trying so hard to not look at the screen.😂 (December 31)

Ate at Big Boys! (December 31)


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