December 27, 2021




Sister Emery DeMill

Week 8!

Monday, December 20:We went to St. Louis to see the Arch!! I got a couple souvenirs and some pictures and it was so fun!We went to the Durham's for dinner and Kora (who's 14ish) made us chicken and dumplings which were delicious. I wanted to mention, you know how I'm an animal person and I loove my dogs, cats, goats, chickens, and all the above?? Well, literally every person we visit has animals! And more than one! Haha, the Durhams have 4 dogs, 2 cats, 4 horses, and a bearded dragon..yup you heard right! And I got to hold him! This dragon climbed up mine and Sister DeMill's neck and through our hair and I've never laughed so hard!!! We taught Tess and her family the Gospel of Jesus Christ and I led the lesson and it went so well!!! Tess and Asher (her little sister who's 4) drew us a picture and each gave one to us! I cherish and love things like that so it made me smile. I love kids so much!! Tuesday, December 21:We had a district council meeting in Wildwood! My district includes the Sisters and Elders from Rockwood, the Elders from Washington, and then us. So there's 8 of us in total! It's so much fun. We have to do skits for our Christmas Zone Conference so that's what we mainly went over. Our skit? Haha, we are acting how the Elders act in the morning on pday vs. how the Sisters do it.Sister DeMill and I met with a few members and went around to help them with anything they needed! Sister Kutz has a banjo and it's beautiful! That's the instrument I'm learning when I get home haha. We met a new friend, Jim and he was awesome. His dog's name is Maggie so of course I think he's awesome!! Haha.We had dinner at the Zimnicks and they gave us soap and bath bombs for a gift for Christmas! One thing I learned this day: LOVE ONE ANOTHER. I read through my Patriarchal Blessing during personal study. One thing that really stuck out to me is that I need to work on showing more loving kindness to others. I wrote down how I will do that and throughout the day Heavenly Father just kept throwing signs and reminders of loving others the way Christ loves!Several songs about loving one another came on the radio, people we met mentioned it, and we watched a neat video that had quotes from General Conference talks that talked all about Christ's love for others! Heavenly Father is helping and aware of me. I love Him so much! Wednesday, December 22:We had Zone Conference this day! You know when you're having so much fun in the moment, you already miss it? That was this day. It's the last Christmas President and Sister Bell will be here. A lot of the missionaries who were there won't be here next year. Change is hard! Anyway, we had such a great meeting.We had a silent lesson all about the atonement. We were able to ponder and journal anything the Spirit taught us. I wrote down, "Jesus Christ's atoning sacrifice provided the only way for us to be cleansed and forgiven of our sins so that we can dwell in God's presence eternally."We were given several questions to answer about our hardest trials, the most pain we've felt emotionally and physically, etc. And we crumpled it up and threw them in a jar. Jesus Christ suffered all of my pains. He suffered all of yours. He didn't have to, but He did. He did so that we could repent to live with our Father again someday. How does that make you feel knowing that?What do you do for someone who saved your life?*Write down the gifts the Savior has given you. Give Him your best. That's all He asks.*After the neat lesson we had, we ate a delicious Christmas lunch! Ham, cheesy potatoes, salad, beans, rolls, and pretzel jello!! It reminded me of Christmas day at Grandma Hansen's.😊We then did our skits and they were so funny! Ours went pretty good, but the funniest was the Lindell Zone's.The Elders dressed like women and the Sisters dressed up like men and they were doing the stereotypical relief society class and it was hilarious. We then did gift exchanges and I got a cute girly gift from Sister Frandsen! It came with lip balm, a face mask, journal stickers, and she wrote a card! I also got packages from my family!! Our Conference lasted the whole day pretty much haha, but we were able to eat dinner at a member's home and we ran to the church in the evening to practice a song I'll be singing with some members in Sacrament for Christmas!Thursday, December 23:I had such a good personal study this morning! I read from chapter 5 in PMG and dove into how the Book of Mormon is truly so important in teaching. Obviously I knew this, but I was able to understand the simplicity of it all. How the Book of Mormon is a missionary's guide to the work. I love reading it. I love studying it. I have a strong testimony that I know it is true. It is our council and direction straight from Heavenly Father!*If you're not reading the Book of Mormon everyday, start now!*We went to Sam's to do some farm work. Sam's husband, Billy, had us help him carry some bales to the sheep pen and scoop up mud in the doorway of their pen in the barn. He then was teaching us how to maneuver his really old tractor thinking we could drive it.😂 *As missionaries, we can't do anything that risks danger* (I would've loved to try it out if I weren't a missionary😂).We went inside their house and they have a huge, real Christmas tree in the corner of their living room. It was the biggest Christmas tree I've ever seen!We ate at Colton's and it was just like Texas Road House! It was delicious haha.We met with a few friends this night and that went well!😊Friday, December 24:Christmas Eve!! It was 67° all day so we spent our day outside and drove with the windows down!!We ate a Christmas lunch at a member's home. We had brisket, sweet potatoes, bean casserole, and more potatoes! We ate outside in their sunroom which was beautiful. Then we sang some carols and shared a Christmas message!! It's amazing how I get to give the best gift ever as a missionary! The gift of the message of the True, Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ!!!Sister DeMill and I delivered our Christmas cards and caroled to members and our friends! In the evening, we drove with the Rockwood Sisters to the STLs apartment to have a sleepover!!Saturday, December 25:CHRISTMAS!! There is nowhere else I'd rather be than here in Missouri serving the Lord on Christmas!!! How lucky am I?! We woke up in the STLs home and the first thing I said to Sister DeMill was, "Happy Christmas Harry!" Haha, and she responded with, "Happy Christmas Ron." We opened our Christmas presents from home. I got things from my family and from the youth in my ward!! They all wrote me a card and I was tearing up. It was the sweetest surprise ever.We read from Luke chapter 2 and from Helaman 14, and watched The Christ Child! I love the part when you hear baby Jesus crying and you see the star appear in the sky. Heavenly Father sent and gave us the greatest gift we could ever receive: Jesus Christ! Nothing else matters; it's not about the presents, Santa, the treats, or anything else. It's all about the Savior. The rest of the day was wonderful. I got to call my family and talk to everyone! Sister DeMill set off the fire alarm..we had a grease fire.😂 *We burned the brussel sprouts.*Don't worry, we were okay!! Angels were protecting us!!!Our neighbor came up to check on us and after a minute they turned off. We ate Mexican food at a member's house for dinner! They have a tradition where they eat food from a different country/continent every Christmas. I'm happy we could be part of their tradition this year!We visited a few other friends and members to say hello and wish them a Merry Christmas and then we came home to all our treats and gifts!!! Ps. If you're planning on serving a mission just know, you get A LOT of goodies from literally everyone. Haha. Sunday, December 26:How is it possible that this day was better than Christmas day?Not that I didn't have a great Christmas, but I just love Sunday's so much!!!I got to sing in Sacrament meeting for the Christmas program in two musical numbers!! I sang a solo and got to play my guitar. I sang "O, Holy Night" Afterwards, people were coming up to me telling me how that was their favorite rendition and that I have perfect pitch.😂😂 Brother Valdez came up to me and said, "You should seriously consider going on American Idol. Simon Cowell would love you." Hahaha I wasn't saying that to brag about myself...I just thought it was funny!!! Sister DeMill and I made goodie bags from all the candy and things we were given from members. It was a perfect service opportunity! We ate Imo's pizza at a member's home and got to visit a few other friends!I had such a beautiful conversation with Heavenly Father this day. I asked Him for ways I can improve, for ways I can work on daily repentance, and more. Throughout my day, I had the happiest, most fulfilling feeling that Heavenly Father is proud of me and my efforts! I felt more confidence than I ever have and Sister DeMill and I got so much done!!! There is so much power in prayer!!! I love how much we pray as missionaries. For every decision we make, we include our Father. I invite you to have a real, sincere conversation with God today. He wants to hear from you and He loves you!!! He will help you if you let Him!! So let Him!Love you all!-Sister HansenPICTURES:St. Louis Arch! (December 20).We got these cute shirts at Walmart.😂 They say, "Where the heck is Union Missouri?" (December 20).The Sisters in my Zone! We all went to St. Louis city this day! (December 20).My district at Zone Council!! (December 22).Us at Coltons! (December 23).Christmas morning! (December 25).Our gifts. (December 25).Us walking back to our apartment with arm loads of things...right after this was taken we both dropped all our things we were carrying.😂😂 (December 25).Went for a nice walk around a neighborhood in Villa Ridge! (December 26).


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