December 7, 2021




Sister Emery DeMill

Union Missouri

Hello everyone! So sorry for the confusion you must've felt when you didn't hear from me on Thursday! I forgot to tell you that I was headed to Missouri last week!! So I've been here since Tuesday evening and it's been wonderful...and now you get an even longer email from me because of that! 😂😄


Friday, November 26:

It was pday since the day before was Thanksgiving! I had a nice, chill day. I got to finally do my laundry and it was honestly so fun haha. I got to catch up on my journal and emails and I met these cool Elders who are going to Abidjan learning French! It's so fun to get to know missionaries who aren't in my district who have their own stories to tell. I love meeting new people! My district and I went to the temple this day as well which was a great experience. We played kickball later in the evening out in the field by the temple too! It was a good day.

Saturday, November 27:

This day was our last day of classes! Sister Abercrombie had us write letters to our future selves to open later on our missions and I thought that was a great idea. I got to hear some Elders play the piano on the sixth floor and that was amazing! I love music so much. Sister Mills and I had two teaching appointments and they both went well. We played kickball again as a district this night too!

Sunday, November 28:

Sunday's are busy busy for missionaries! We had sacrament meeting first thing and Sister Mills gave a wonderful talk. We also had Relief Society and all of us Sisters gave a quick little lesson on the Creation. We ate lunch and then came back to our building to do our two hour study. I studied how I can better feel of God's love and I wrote down the quote by Elder Uchtdorf that says, "Though we may feel lost and without compass, God's love encompasses us completely." So strong and to the point. Heavenly Father's love for us cannot and will not fail.

Later we had a devotional for departing missionaries and ate dinner. And then had one more devotional! Our last one!

REMEMBER: He knows the Desires of your heart. Heavenly Father will give you what you truly deserve and need when you turn to Him!!

Monday, November 29:

My last day here at the MTC! It was extremely bittersweet. I was honestly so sad this morning at breakfast, I could hardly eat a thing! But Sister Mills and I went to the new classroom building and we met with some Elders in a different district to play some music on the piano! That was super fun! Then we went to lunch and we played kickball as a district. The weather was so nice this day! We ate dinner and then Sister Mills and I had to run afterwards to visit with the same Elders who played the music! I got to play some of my songs too! Sister Mills and I then had our very last helping others appointment which went so well. Then we played another round of kickball in the dark. We had our last district review and said our goodbyes to everyone. Man, I'll miss this MTC family I've grown so close with these last few weeks. They'll always have a special place in my heart.


Tuesday, November 30:

Sister Mills and I woke up at 6 30, got our things together, went to eat breakfast, and then grabbed our bags, hugged Sister Parry and Sister Bell goodbye, and were off! We met everyone in the lobby who was traveling with us and waited to go. First, we got on the bus to get to the Trax, then we took the Trax to the airport where we waited for about four hours for our flight! We got one last meal at Cafe Rio in the airport, haha and then sat down to wait. There were 14 other missionaries flying with us; some who did online MTC and some who were coming from Provo.

Our flight was fun! Sister Mills and I sat next to each other and it took around 4ish hours. We landed at around 5 o' clock Missouri time and met President and Sister Bell at baggage claim! We also met the Zone Leaders too. I had my big winter coat on but I did not need it because it was so warm!! Then we got in the car to go to the mission home which was in the most beautiful neighborhood. Even though it was dark, I could tell it looked like the neighborhood straight out of Home Alone! Haha. Sister Bell had a delicious home-cooked meal ready for us missionaries and the home is so beautiful! As soon as I stepped in I teared up because I thought of home and I thought of my mom. Everything was set up exactly how she'd do it. I got to call her for a second to show her around! After dinner we visited and got all our paperwork figured out, then we got dropped off at an apartment about 5 minutes away from the mission home. We met with some sweet Sisters and then we got ready for bed right away! It was a long day but glad I made it!!


Wednesday, December 1:

What a day! A long day! We woke up in the STL's apartment and got to do a thing called workout Wednesday where President Bell leads us in a workout!

We met at the mission home and ate homemade pancakes with homemade buttermilk syrup! It was delicious. We then got to go to the St Louis temple to snap a picture and then we went to meet our Trainers. My Trainer is Sister DeMill from Washington state! She is 19 and so sweet and she's so smart and mature. I am in the Union area in the St Louis Zone.

We shopped at Walmart and ate at Big Boys (a St Louis burger place), I unpacked in our apartment, and then we went to teach Tracy! She's a lady they've been teaching recently. She's a sweetheart! I met her cat Daisy (who is a boy). Then I met the Union ward! So many names to remember! Haha. Then we came back to our apartment, planned for the next day, journaled, and went straight to bed. Crazy first day!

Thursday, December 2:

This day was good! I feel so fulfilled being a missionary, it's amazing. In the morning, Sister DeMill and I checked our goals for the day and got ready, and then went to District Council to meet with the other missionaries in our zone! The drive was beautiful on the way!! We came back to our apartment for lunch and then headed back out to go teach. We taught four different people today and they were all great discussions. Some live in rural areas that reminded me of home. I had my first dinner with some members (the Zimnicks) and it was yummy roast, veggies, and carrot cake!

Life is good here in Union, Missouri!

Friday, December 3:

Sister DeMill and I had a great morning studying, getting ready, and since the weather was so nice (people have been telling us this is unusual for weather for December because usually it's freezing at this time of year) we went for a walk by our church and sat on the grass to do our weekly planning! We went over all our goals and it was so nice to be outside and to get organized for the next week to come!

After that, we came back to our apartment to make lunch and do more goal setting. Then we headed out to a little town called Pacific where we went for a walk to find people to talk to and we also took pictures! It is such an adorable place. There were wreaths on every streetlight and literally every building here is brick which I LOVE!! We did some companion study outside in Pacific and then we went to eat dinner at a member's (Sister Combs) home! It's so much fun being a new missionary during this time of year. Christmastime is when everyone is joyful and happy and wants to serve and love one another! There is so much to be thankful for. This day I was especially thankful for Sister DeMill!! She's amazing!!!

Saturday, December 4:

Being a missionary is really cool. Haha, it's so dang cool! Sister DeMill and I plan every hour of every day, but sometimes it just doesn't go quite as we planned. This day was that kind of day! A couple lessons we had planned fell through, but we were still able to meet with one woman (Sister Douglas) over a zoom call! And I got to figure out how to use Facebook a bit better. I'm thankful for Area Book and all of it's cool resources! I wish I could use it for the rest of my life honestly! Haha.

Sunday, December 5:

Such a perfect day. The weather was perfectly chilly and church was awesome! The Union Ward is so wonderful! Bishop Daniel welcomed me into the ward in Sacrament, and I bore my testimony to introduce myself! This ward is pretty awesome. I'm so excited to get to know more of the members here as I go throughout this Transfer!

After church, Sister DeMill and I came home to the apartment to bake cookies and a little later, we went to Bishop's home for a funeral service they were having for a member who recently passed. Sister DeMill and I then went to the Hervey's who are members and we ate dinner and shared a Christmas message! Sister Hervey told me I have a beautiful smile which stuck with me. This family is so kind.

Sister DeMill and I then drove over to Pacific to watch the Christmas Devotional with the Jones family! Their home is so beautiful!!!! Sister Jones is from England and has an adorable accent. It was a successful and happy day today!

Also, guess how much gas is here??? 2.99 - 3.05!!!! I'm not kidding! It's so cheap here compared to home I can't believe it.

I'm so happy to be here in Union Missouri. I'm so thankful to be a missionary right now. I LOVE THIS WORK and I LOVE HEAVENLY FATHER!

If any of you need anything or just want to chat, please email me! I love you all!!


MTC District walking back from the temple. (Nov. 26)

District after we played kickball. It was chilly! (Nov. 26)

All the new MSLM missionaries and I!

Utah from the plane!! Bye mountains!

The mission home.♥

St Louis Temple.


Sister DeMill and I holding guinea pigs (Fred and George) at the Manty's!

Sister DeMill and I went for a walk in Pacific and took this cute picture of us!


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