November 18, 2021




Sister Kylee Mills

Week Two!!

Thursday, November 11 2021:

P day! I was able to log onto an emotional resilience class in the morning and that truly helped me out a lot. I got to get out of the house to hangout with my family and I got to take some time to reflect for myself how great of an opportunity this is for me.

After companion study with Sister Mills, I felt nervous. Very nervous. When we hung up, I felt like I was already a failure. Like I couldn’t do this! I was mainly nervous about teaching for the first time because I did not want to fail. During personal study that night, I was in D&C Section 11 when I came across verse 21. It reads, “Seek not to declare my word, but first seek to obtain my word, and then shall your tongue be loosed; then, if you desire, you shall have my Spirit and my word, yea, the power of God unto the convincing of men.” Heavenly Father was telling me that if I humble myself unto Him and remember to invite the Spirit into my life and specifically my lesson, it will all be okay. He will help me when I let Him. He will help us when we let Him. He is my comfort, my salvation, my Saving Grace. He is everything to me. Everything.

Friday, November 12 2021:

Another beautiful day of learning and growth! I got to sit outside during one of my classes and it was so nice! We went over what a strong lesson looks and sounds like and we watched a super neat video of two returned missionaries teaching the Restoration in 5 minutes!! It was short, to the point, and the Spirit was so present!! I hope to be the kind of missionary who is informative, loving, patient, caring, and most of all, Spiritual!! I seriously cannot believe how quick these days go by and how much fun I am having. I also wanted to express my thanks and gratitude to Heavenly Father for blessing me with such an amazing district. Everyone is so fun and thoughtful and they each have so much to offer.

Saturday, November 13 2021:

Probably my favorite day of my mission so far. We had a sub teacher for our second class (her name is Sister Backman) and can I just say, wow. This Sister was vulnerable and real with us. She went over the trials, the mistakes, and the hardships that we will face on our missions, but she told us how much we need those difficulties to grow into the missionaries we will become. Switching gears, Sister Mills and I taught our very first 20 minute lesson! We were a little nervous but it ended up working out! We got some feedback and did pretty good. But we are going to work on some things to do better when we teach her next week!

Sunday November 14, 2021:

I went to my home ward for church and it was testimony meeting since we had Stake Conference last week. I got up to bear my testimony on missionary work and the power it has had on me for just this short week. I said goodbye to many of my Lake Shore family friends. I’m so thankful I got to grow up here in this wonderful community. So many wonderful people; such a beautiful place. My family and I celebrated Thanksgiving since I won’t be home during the actual day and I am just so thankful for each of them. They’re so kind, loving, supportive, helpful, and they are some of the best people I’ve ever known.

Monday November 15, 2021:

I had class in the morning and it was my last Zoom meeting at home!!! After 11 30, I started packing and some family came over to visit. It was a nice day.

Tuesday November 16, 2021:

My last full day at home! Mom and I ran some last minute errands and we started packing. Some family came over to say goodbye (Bert’s, Grammy, and Melanie and Richard and Zach) and Lauren and Storri (best friends) came over to chat and say goodbye. I love them!

Wednesday November 17, 2021:

What a day! The family came over in the morning to eat breakfast and to hangout. Holly (my best friend) came over to give me a sweet card and a big, tight hug goodbye. :( I said goodbye to my animals and then we headed to Provo. My family was all here and we all took pictures by the temple and then they dropped me off at the curb. I was able to give everyone a big hug. I love my family so much!

The sweet Sister led me to the building and as soon as I walked in, Sister Mills (my companion) happened to be standing there! We hugged and walked through the line to get all of our things and go to our room. Inside, we met Sister Parry and Sister Bell (in my district) and we all unpacked and got settled. We had class and met our teachers and the rest of our district. Then we ate dinner and it was yummy!

We headed to a devotional given by our MTC President and we got to watch this amazing talk addressed to the missionaries given by Elder Bednar. He talked about how we as missionaries need to lose ourselves in the work of the Lord and get to work! I had such a great first day. I am feeling ambivalence right now, but there is nothing I’d rather be doing! I LOVE THE MTC!


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