November 11, 2021


Online MTC


Sister Kylee Mills

Week One!

Monday, November 8:

My first day as a missionary and in the MTC! I got to meet my District of 14 members including myself and my cute teachers, Sister Abercrombie and Sister Morgan. I talked with my sweet companion, Sister Mills. She is from West Valley, Utah and her and I are the only missionaries in our District who are going to Missouri! I learned so much. A few things I want to share with you all is that there is joy in the hard! No matter what obstacles we may be going through, our Heavenly Father is always stretching forth His hand. He wants to help us. We also got to talk about journaling today and that made me excited because that is something I am so passionate about! In a devotional we had, the speaker said, “You are no longer saying, ‘I hope they call me on a mission.’” “Because now you get to say, “I AM a missionary!” “I AM doing the Lord’s work!” I am so happy to finally be a set apart missionary!

Tuesday, November 9:

You guys!! The gospel of Jesus Christ is so good!! On Tuesday, I facetimed Sister Mills and we were able to do a Preach My Gospel study. She is so insightful and helpful. I can’t wait to meet her in person. I had my regular classes with Sister Abercrombie and Sister Morgan. We went over our purpose as missionaries and what Preach My Gospel can do for us on our missions. In a zoom meeting we had in the afternoon, we learned more about our individual purpose as missionaries. 

My District and I were assigned to create our own conversion timelines. We got to share with each other the steps to how we truly came to find out for ourselves that the Gospel is true. Though I was raised in the church, I still have my personal conversion story to how I got to where I am today! I invite each of you to think about your own conversion story. How has the Lord blessed you throughout your life? What has He given to you that you can thank Him for in your prayers? I promise that as you do this, your life will be enriched in the joy of the Spirit of Christ!

Wednesday, November 10:

I love this experience doing at home MTC. At first, I thought it would be unproductive, but the three hour classes go by in a flash! I have become so spiritually fed already, and I cannot wait for what I will be learning throughout the rest of my time here in the MTC. I am, however, very anxious to finally meet my district in person. I feel that we will get more done and become more comfortable with our environment! Sister Mills and I were able to schedule an appointment to teach a woman over zoom on Saturday. We are going to plan and give a getting-to-know-you lesson which will be fun! I got to go out with mom, Whitney, and grandma shopping and it was so much fun to show off my tag. I love representing Jesus Christ and I am so happy I get to wear His name every day!

Home MTC has been so much fun so far! I can’t believe I will be in Provo a week from today! I am so thankful for this Gospel. I am so happy I get to share it and live this lifestyle for these next 18 months. God is so good! I hope you are all having a great week! 


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