October 26, 2023



Hermana Ralston


HEYY!!!.... So, guess I need to repent for the months I have been absent on my letters .... Since I have been having so much fun on my mission, I have run out of space for my storage to write my letters If you're wondering how I'm typing this up I would be pleased to tell you that I'm very thankful for keep notes. This letter is sponsored by "KEEP NOTES" (by replay and analysis). (insert Safety zone music) Welcome back on Todays episode of WHERE HAS HERMANA LARSEN BEEN???

I'll hit you with today's news by starting with the weather: As you can see there is a big storm coming in with a chance of miracles to rain down on the Sacramento California Mission.......specifically in Rio Tierra where a flood of Huge MIRACLES are happening it seems to be out of control.... After the storm comes rainbows and sunshine but wait.... not just any sunshine .... A big heat of (Fuego) lessons are happening with tons of our friends .... 24!!!!!! Now we will head back to your regular program......
We want to bring the segment to the BIG NEWS OF THE (past 2 transfers) 2 MONTHS September: COMP- Hermana Ralston
▪︎ Surpassed our goals for friends coming to church and finding friends!!!
☆ Got to wear Mexican dresses for the Multicultural event. My ancestors would be proud of me.
☆ Got to lead out a discussion for the zone
☆GENERAL CONFERENCE - Danced in the Rain while listening with air pods with Sisters
☆Temple trip- Cried a lot.... all good tears all good tears ☆Got a Blessing from Zone Leaders which was prompted by the spirit.
☆ Had to share a car with the STLs and had a party
☆ Sim wasn't working and got trapped at the church building until the office missionaries came to rescue us with their fancy truck
☆ Made Zone T-Shirts with bleach and played volleyball
☆ Played mini golf with district October: COMP- Hermana Sanchez and our trainee Hermana Cartwright - picked her up at the temple and saw Elder Bragg (one of 70) ☆Miracles☆
▪︎HAD 7 Friends come to CHURCH!!!
▪︎Put Carlos on Date for baptism on exchanges .... gave the look when you tell your newbie to say ...."Sugiura El eljemplo de Jesucristo y ser bautizado"
▪︎Started teaching 25+people and have no time to breath Funny Things
☆Ate Chinese food in Mexican grocery store "VIVA"
☆"Yō Queiros un arepa con cafe"--- being like..."we will get to that later" ... But hey we started teaching 8 grown men their ABC's and learned the Spanish version of ABC's!!
☆Lettuce baby (Hermana Cartwright) "Carrados sus Ojos Pena"
☆Went to a Mong ward and took the sacrament
☆Got 3 dinners in 1 day
☆Played futsal with other sisters at a park
☆ Wore a Pride dress and was about to buy didn't look too bad on me
☆ Ran over a curb where a Rock was while going through the chick fil la drive thru... the car is fine.... just lost a part to the car but I get to keep it for memories Hehe.
☆ Watched a crime scene of a Police standoff while eating domino's pizza with the STLs in a parking lot
☆ Ward mission leader made the missionaries stay for 2 hours to do practice teachings and made me cry but I'm okay Jaja Jaja Esta bien
NOW, lets hit our segment on (insert music)
Let's Get *Spiritual*
THE POWER OF THE RESTORATION IS INCREÍBLE!!! - Just want to say that me and Hermana Sanchez literally smacked people with the spirit with this lesson. We had 2 incredible lessons where we taught so powerfully the Restoration to our friends, and it touched their hearts. They literally would get chills and that they were touched by the spirit in their heart. They said to us that this church is true because of it!!!!! - Spirit was there to testify so powerfully and it just opened my thoughts and heart to see how grateful I am for Jesus Christ to establish his church again because he loved us so much!!!! PRAYERS CAN BE ANSWERED Cool thing I want to share!
So, for some background ... before every meeting we have a group prayer with our zone for the friends we are teaching. Usually, I would doze off and kind of think about random things in my head during the prayer. But this one time I was really praying in my heart with the person saying the prayer for our friends we are teaching. I really focused on wanting the missionaries to have success in their work. As the day went by 2 companionships found miracles with what they had prayed for with their friends. Our prayers were answered too as well as our prayer to have a lesson with one of our friends!! It was so powerful to see the output of when we truly desire with real intent what we pray for even if it's a tiny miracle. Putting faith in Gods power to happen as well as it all being in his timing of it.
I was reading in Mosiah 27 today and stumbled upon this scriptures: 14 And again, the angel said: Behold, the Lord hath heard the prayers of his people, and also the prayers of his servant, Alma, who is thy father; for he has prayed with much faith concerning thee that thou mightiest be brought to the knowledge of the truth; therefore, for this purpose have I come to convince thee of the power and authority of God, that the prayers of his servants might be answered according to their faith.
MEMBERS LOVE They are my joy; they care so much about me and my companions so much. They are so missionary minded and help us out so much!! Again.... Feed us SOOO MUCHHH so if anyone asks if I'm eating good .... it's too good. We have this poster that they sign on for dinner meals and it's the cutest thing to help families get involved with love share and invite. I'll send a picture in case you all want to join in on it. The members also have a deep love for dressing me and my companions up and have a costume for us for Halloween so stay tuned for that.
FINDING MYSELF - It's been a long while since I have updated how this mission has changed me for the better! I don't know how to describe it and since I'm really good with words...... I'm just going to say a couple changes I've felt - Feel so much Joy Serving Our Friends and have such a deep desire to help them turn to Christ - I changed my mind set to think more on the Brightside of things ... still working on it but it's been 10x better - I've grown to have better communication with companions. I express ideas or thoughts in big group discussions. - I've turned outward into thinking about others rather than worry so much about myself. Meaning I'm taking care of myself but focusing on how to love others more like Christ - I know my worth and know that I'm a daughter of God who is loved by a loving heavenly father and he knows me for me. THANKS FOR READING.... WELL, SEE YOU ALL NEXT WEEK TO TALK ABOUT....WHOS OUR NEXT BAPTISM VICTIM!!!! Please pray for La Familia Ruiz - BE READY FOR BAPTISM ♡ LOS AMO A TODO♡


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