June 7, 2023



Sister Schwalger


Hola buenos días muchachos!!!

Okay... first off who knew that the main character of Goonies is the same character that played Sam (Frodo's friend) from Lord of the Rings? I didn't……. Also, apparently there's a Mountain called Diablo (devil) around my area!! Pretty cool to have a devil Mountain… (coming from a missionary). I love members and the dinner they provide just so I can talk about interesting stuff like this or play their instruments …. I'm definitely getting a ukulele.

I'm not in the trio anymore sadly …. We all got separated and Sister Hansen is training in a Trio in LC5, and Sister Peterson is an STL in the Tala'Ofa ward. We spent our last moments in chaos, and I'll miss them tons, but I got Transfer news and I'm still in Lagoona Creek 1 and 2 in English, but I got a new companion Sister Schwalger!!! She's such a positive person and we have a fun time blasting the music too loudly. Apparently, she served her very first area here and made a full circle round back which is super cool!
We had an exchange on Monday and kind of had to "babysit" the new missionary (Sister Woodson) for the STL's while they went to a meeting which was a party, and we are going to plan a Trip to Hawaii now!

☆ We have 10 Return Appointments
☆ Meet a Spanish worker outside mowing a lawn and we went over to say Hi and he stopped working for a bit to talk to us about Jesus and I was speaking Spanish because his English isn't that good and helped my companion understand but we ended up getting his number and address to refer him over to the sisters to attend church!!
☆Went to a retirement home to find a referral we got from online and ended up meeting this lady who was interested in our message!!
☆ Doug is about to be interviewed for his baptism and is all set!! We had dinner with him along with a member.
☆ Amazing lessons with Oliver and we are going to ask him to be baptized so stay in tuned

Interesting Things That Happened:
○ Finally got new music from the youth album!!
○Ate a mint cake that tasted like toothpaste, but my companion's mom gave us crumble so that made up for it!
○ Ate a new fruit called Loquat? Idk but one of the Chinese member's gave us them during English class and it was really good almost like a cherry.
○Saw a plate from 1937 that was owned by a Nazi so that was pretty cool …I would show the picture but for government reasons probably not
○ One of our members is making a car at his ranch and it's looking super nice!!

Spiritual thought:
I've recently been studying about Grace, and this is one Quote I liked from a talk:
"As grace changes us, we will begin to feel it flow as natural as it did for Christ."
As we wake up early and work hard on our spiritual relationship with Christ we don't have to go back to where we were yesterday. In return we can feel the grace of Christ for us and share it with others full heartedly and give thanks by helping others feel that grace.
Even though I'm in an English area I know my relationship with Heavenly Father doesn't change and I made it a goal to memorize my covenants in Spanish because it has a deeper meaning to me with words. I learned to be grateful and found that Gracias means Thank You, but Garcia means Grace. With that in mind I try to remember that whenever I say that word, I become a new person … Every day is a new day to choose to be better and enjoy moments of life. I'm grateful for all my friends and family who have supported me so far in this journey. How have you been changed by his Grace?

Scripture: Moroni 7: 44-45
44 If so, his faith and hope is vain, for none is acceptable before God, save the meek and lowly in heart; and if a man be meek and lowly in heart, and confesses by the power of the Holy Ghost that Jesus is the Christ, he must needs have charity; for if he has not charity, he is nothing; wherefore he must needs have charity.
45 And charity suffereth long, and is kind, and envieth not, and is not puffed up, seeketh not her own, is not easily provoked, thinketh no evil, and rejoiceth not in iniquity but rejoiceth in the truth, beareth all things, believeth all things, hopeth all things, endureth all things.

● "I'm Christian" - man " Hi Christian nice to meet you" - me " No I am a Christian…my name is Drew" - man
● "Our whole life is to just invite people to our funeral"- Man in ward council
●"There's a naked boy over there"- companion "Where?" - Me…. I didn't see one and fell into a trap.
●" queremos un Portero, no dormió" - kids video


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