May 30, 2023



Hermana Pritts


Hola buenos días muchachos !!!

UPDATE: Emergency Transfer Happened!! My companion (Sister Pritts) left for another area and I'm in a trio at the moment for 10 days. I'm currently over LC1 and LC2 ward all by myself (along with the Lord) and I have to help the other companions (who I'm staying with) with their ward which is crazy… I'm with Sister Hansen and Sister Peterson and Sister Pritts left so yeah things are great. Yet stressful but hey we had fun and tried to do our best!
A little about my new companions:
Sister Hansen: From Idaho and loves eating chocolate for breakfast, she is good at taking notes, and can speak a little bit of Tongan and does ASL
Sister Peterson: is from Spanish Fork and has continuing dreams she says I'm always a part of them, she is really good at art, speaks Japanese and is super entertaining/funny… downed 8 otter pops in 10 minutes.

So sorry for not updating the last couple days but sooo much has been going on and I do not have enough time write down everything so this will be short summaries:
MAY 9-16 TEMPLE p-day along with district p-day with volleyball which I got bruised on my forearms!!! We had so many friends come to member dinners. I had an exchange with the STL. Got to have dinner with a return missionary sister black!!!
MAY 16-24 Had to give a talk in the Chinese sacrament which was cool because I got to have a translator to make it a whole lot easier. Zone conference happened. Visited a bunch of Chinese members.

☆ Doug is Getting baptized June 10th!!!!!!!!
☆ Had a lesson with a member's daughter for the first time (Emma) and introduced ourselves and how to begin teaching and taught the gospel of Jesus Christ and at the end we asked her what questions she had, and she said, and I quote "CAN I BE BAPTIZED??" We all had our jaws open, and all said HECK YEAH!!!!
☆Had an incredible dinner lesson with ward members and our friend Oliver and they had the same job, knew the same people, and they opened up with each other and set goals to help Oliver and he is consistently coming to church!!!
☆ Paula in LC5 is thinking about baptism
☆Was able to have a lesson with Ivan and said he wants to get baptized in August and said he would commit to fast and read the Book of Mormon!!!
☆ Went out with a member that could do ASL(sign language)
and visited nonmembers that were ASL and got 1 return appointment!!!!

Interesting Things That Happened this week:
○ Saw a police chase from our apartment and a helicopter going around in circles saying "pull over" we also heard some sirens and 9 cops with a sound of a gunshot not too long ago
○ Rode on mission bikes for the first time for a workout and my thighs were super sore from doing so lol
○Nerf gun fights - Sister Hansen and I ganged up on Sister Peterson and shot her. Then we shot some soda cans for practice
○ Painted some Book of Mormons .. not allowed to do that anymore.
○ Ate grilled chicken pizza… I've moved on from pepperoni pizza now!
○ Goal Setting meetings was full of elders not agreeing with each other which was funny to see so we all laughed about it until they came to a conclusion
○ Found out I sleep talk now …probably because I don't get enough sleep because we stay up all night till 12am to talk and messed around
○ Played guess the item with English class along with teaching them directions by blind folding them and us guiding them where to go and trying not to run into chairs

Spiritual thought: CHARITY
Charity, I defined it as a commandment of God and pure love of Christ. I've been trying to develop that attribute of trying to uplift my companions and try to look at them as Christ would even if there are disagreements which by the way helps so much!!! Reading Peacemakers Needed by President Neilson is an amazing talk about how we can stop contention and have charity!!! Comparison is a really hard thing I'm struggling with so I've been studying about charity and how to change my mind set on how I can view things in a more positive and productive way to grow a stronger bond and to have confidence and trust in Heavenly Father and know that I'm good enough!
Talks to look at also:
Just Keep going with Faith
Our great adventure
Christlike Poise

Scripture: Ether 12:28
Behold, I will show unto the Gentiles their weakness, and I will show unto them that faith, hope and charity bringeth unto me—the fountain of all righteousness.

" Welcome to Sac zone" - Elder Anderson


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