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Hermana Pritts


Hola buenos días muchachos!!!

A little Background: I transferred over to Elk Grove California and I am in an English/Chinese speaking ward along with Sign language as well! There's an LC1 ward (just English) LC2 ward with Chinese, English, and sign language. I get to go to church 2× My comp is Sister Pritts who I am following training and she's amazing!!! THE FIRST WEEK WAS A DOOZY!

Sorry this letter is late …. I have been slacking on my letter but let's just say I have 2 very good excuses for it: 1 A lot has happened 2. I'm too lazy to type it all up. Nah just kidding, I will say I do have Two very interesting stories to tell you so sit back, relax, and eat some popcorn because this one is going to be a long one. Don't worry … if you want to read this long email I suggest praying to god to have him reveal to you what you should take out of this experience….if you don’t want to read it I’ll just suggest going for a walk and ponder about Jesus Christ.
It all started on Saturday evening April 22, 2023, around 1:47 pm…. I was enjoying my lunch and happened to look upon a bag of cookies, like a normal person I just started to eat it and as I ate one I asked my companion what was in them that was so good. She had said just regular M&MS and I was like "DOPE" so I ate another one and while chewing mid-way through the cookie, my tongue started to feel a little tingly and as I examined the cookie closer I saw little flakes of something… what you may ask… you're right … WALNUTS!!! In my head, I casually said, " welp here we go again, it's about to go down as round two". I casually said to my companion .."Hey I might need to call the nurse (sister Peterson)" as I could feel my throat swell up and tried to not make a big deal out of it. BUT OH BOY were we in for a doozy I'll tell ya. As I dialed the number I had accidentally called the wrong Peterson, it was the ward mission leader's wife, and once she answered I told her what had happened while becoming shorter of breath because I was getting progressively worse and she told me to " Call 911 right now". At first, I was like Wooooahhh that's a little too dramatic, I said I was fine. I was able to breathe but just not well. So thankfully my companion did what she said and called 911…. During this whole thing, you might ask … Why not just use your Epipen …. Well I couldn't bring myself to stab my thigh and I chickened out just looking at the needle, then my comp tried she even said she knew how to use it but I was so freaked out by the thought of having that needle injected into my thigh I wouldn't let her stab me, so that didn't work. I think she may have been too afraid to hold me down and stab me because, … well she had only known me for a few days…. To be honest, even if I did stab myself they would have still had to bring me to the hospital so …. Yeah the next thing I know I could see and hear the ambulance and firetrucks coming around the corner. Tons of dudes rushed out of our apartment complex which kind of worried me as a missionary ( I had no clue who lived next door to me) but it was all cool. The EMT medics checked my breathing and suggested that I go to the hospital. So I went…. I had to leave my comp behind which worried me so I let her have my phone that had the sims card in it so she could call our Mission President, she needed to know what to do while I rode in the back of the ambulance on a stretcher!!! Pretty dang crazy cool if you ask me, my first time and hopefully the last time ahah. Although, I felt like they were trying to kill me as they put some oxygen on me and placed the IV in my arm so they could give me a bag of saline because by then I really couldn't breathe but I ended up being fine after they injected some medication through the IV that helped me relax and breathe more. During the ride the guy asked me the following questions ….please remember that I had just transferred to a new area that I didn’t know, and I had just got a new companion and I didn't have my phone!!!!

#1 What's your companion's name … Sister Pritts….. What's her first name …. idk her first name
#2 Who is an emergency contact for you…. Sister Peterson (the nurse) idk her first name..... What's her phone number …. Idk
#3 What do you do for work … I teach people about Jesus Christ .... Do you get paid for it...No
#4 Are you Catholic? …. No I’m from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
#5 Where do you live….idk I just moved here... Do you know the apartment number … No
#6 Do you know what hospital you usually go to…No, I've only been to one other one and I don't know the name of it.
#6 Do know your SSN…. No
#7 Do you know what your phone number is …No I just got a new phone and a new number plus me and my companion share the phone ( and I had left it with her)
#8 Do you have insurance …yeah I have two … the first one is a mission insurance but idk what it is ….. DRUMROLL …. I did have my second home insurance, it was the only thing I did know and could give them because my parents had given me a copy of it from the previous time I was in the ER for this.


When I got to the hospital the nurse asked the exact same questions !!!! All my answers were the same "IDK". Here I am 20 years old and don't even know my address, phone number, or my companion's first name, everyone I do know I called Sister..... no wonder they thought I was a catholic. ahahah (mission life, mission transfers ) Even the doctor thought I was crazy, as I explained I'm here serving a mission to teach others about the gospel of Jesus Christ. I didn’t know any info except my name, and birthdate. The nurse ended up giving me more medication to help with my breathing. Before I left the nurse had a long talk with me and helped educate me on the importance of using my Epipen, She even helped me practice injecting my thigh. I then had to wait an hour for someone to come pick me up. As I was about to leave a doctor of my faith passed my room and said “Hi Sister“ and asked how I was …. I started to laugh inside and thought “Where was this man while I was being asked a million questions” He could have helped explain why I didn’t know any answers to all the questions I was being asked… ahahah. Anyways the actual nurse of our mission ended up picking me up and driving me home. After she dropped me off she bought me back some medicine that the doctor had prescribed for me. I was finally home and got to be back with my companion. During this whole process, she said after I left she cried in the car and had a mental breakdown and a panic attack (haha we laugh about that still to this day). She had called 5 different people and nobody answered until President Zimmerman called and was able to send some sisters with her to keep her company …. Needless to say we both had a very long and exhausting day. I ended up falling asleep early because I had so many drugs in my system. Later the STLs brought me candy and a stuffed animal that I cuddled with all that night lol.

We met a cool dude while contacting and ended up going to his house for a lesson. His wife was there so we were allowed in. The conversation started off good until he started talking more about his religion then things started to go downhill. As we were talking he asked us to do this chant with him. He had some cards in his hands that had this chant on them and right as he handed me the card I felt a buzzing shock on my finger and the Holy Ghost just left from there I knew it wasn't good so I stopped the conversation real quick and said we need to leave. When we left I immediately felt this pressure on my chest and started to cry and just felt like something bad was still with me or surrounding me. I'm not sure if it was a bad spirit but it left me shaking and feeling weird and I did not like that at all. We had to cancel our dinner with some members because I was pretty shaken up so they just ordered us takeout because they are amazing. Anyways we asked our zone leaders to give us a blessing and we had the sister STLs go with us to the church to receive a blessing. When I was relieved by that blessing I just felt my body stop shaking, no pressure on my chest, and I felt this overwhelming calmness. Kind of saying that it was okay and I'm home now, the spirit was back with me, and not to be afraid because God and my angels are looking out for me! After they gave my companion a blessing and then read a scripture which just left me feeling happy and peaceful. The experience left me having a huge testimony about the priesthood and how it has helped me in ways I could never even imagine. If you ever get a bad feeling from someone or a situation you are in, please go ask for a priesthood blessing because it will help you!!! I can testify to you it will and can help remove any bad things that may be surrounding you.

☆ We met a guy named Daniel who was just outside and we introduced ourselves. He was interested in Joseph Smith and we were able to talk to him about the restoration… we ended up giving him a BOM!

Interesting Things That Happened:
○ Got to go to the Zoo on P-day with the other sisters…$25 is a lot but it felt good to see different animals!
○ There's a field of cows in the back of our apartment
○I had the opportunity to hear Chinese members give talks in Mandarin and it blew my mind how they could speak!!! It was amazing and they had a translating system which was cool!
○ Get an opportunity to help teach a Chinese kid how to do English homework which is pretty fun! We do that every week
○ We do tons of dinners here and had to really specify NO NUTS or fish because I throw up every time I eat it.
○ Had a district meeting and met all the people in our zone. We're all in the area that has the City of Sacramento. So we get to see the crazy city life that goes around here

Spiritual thought:
Meet An Apostle: Elder Suarez and people of the 70 like Maxfield, Salen and Sister Ying
We got to meet them Saturday morning in a church right by the temple in Sacramento. The whole mission was there along with some youth from a stake! It was a cool experience to be able to hear from them and feel the love they had for us. What was cool is they felt prompted to talk about loving our new mission leaders that are coming in so that's cool. Elder Suarez (an apostle) talked about focusing on 3 things 1. Focus on our calling as a missionary 2. Commitment to the work 3. Acknowledge our blessings. He invited us to Focus our daily activities on Christ. As I followed their council I could see my mission work improve and find joy in this new area in English because at the end of the day I choose to Serve God's children even if they are not Spanish. I have grown a deeper love for these 2 wards and choose to Focus on bringing them closer to Christ. At the end of the day, I know that God will love my efforts when I take this experience and make the best out of it!

Helaman 5:47:
Peace, peace be unto you, because of your faith in my Well Beloved, who was from the foundation of the world.


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