April 22, 2023



Hermana Carter


Hola buenos días muchachos!!!

Hola…. Well hello for now because I'm going to be transferred into an English speaking area! I'm going to be over 2 wards ( Laguna Creek 1 and 2). One ward is half English and half Chinese so maybe I might get to speak some Chinese ….who knows ahah. I'm going to follow up training my companion, her name is Sister Pritts. I heard she's really happy so I hope we have a good time there. I'm going to have to teach her Spanish because I'm not giving up Spanish. I'm going to miss Tracy and all the people I created relationships with. My companion Hermana Macevic is leaving home and Hermana Ducourant is staying in Tracy. These next few months are going to be hard but I will trust God's path for me.

This P-day we went and took so many pictures and visited places we have never been before. Then we said bye to the members! We had one of our last dinners with the Goodfellows and they gave us tons of cookies. We said goodbye to the Tupouata family and they gave me and my companion gifts before we left and it was super nice of them. We then went to say goodbye to a part member family and the daughter made me and my companions bracelets!! Let me just say, They are so adorable, Then we taught Ofelia the plan of salvation and she gave us pasta!!! At the end of the night right as I was about to end the night , my companions and I talked to this boy who was walking, he came up and was the nicest person and I talked to him a little while Hermana Macevic comes out and asked if we could give him a book a mormón because it was very special to us and he said he would read it!!! That was the 3rd BOM Hermana Macievic had given out in the past 3 days … she had a goal set and achieved it before she left on her mission …. What a miracle.

☆ Alfredo is starting to change and he passed his interview!!! He is finally going to be baptized on Saturday the 22nd!! I get to come back to Tracy to see him get baptized
☆Started teaching the fiancee of Nahum. Her name is Alie and she is committed to have lessons with us. They might get married in July so thats all good news!!!
☆ Started teaching a new dude named Beto and hopefully his whole family !!!
☆ We are starting to teach Ofelia who is a girlfriend of a member and she is so interested in learning what we have to teach !! Whenever we come over she always cooks us food. She is literally the best person and is golden

Interesting Things That Happened:
○ Got pooped on by a bird while doing spanish study
○ Found a Larsen sign !!!
○ Went to Bass Pro Shop for the first time and felt like a man not gonna lie. We got to see the huge fish tank and saw some pretty weird fish ahah we also got to try birthday cake fudge for the first time!!!
○ Got to run 30 minutes with my companions again
○ Had lots of meetings over zoom about the new transfers news.
○ Had to go to my companions ' final interview and got to play the piano a bit then we went to Dennys to celebrate and ordered from the kids menu ahah. We kept the menu and we continue to draw on it still till this day for fun. We also got frostys at wendys !!!

Spiritual thought:
Teamups with Hermana Fife
If you don't know what teamups are they are basically a switcheroo with the STL's (sister leaders in the zone) and your companion for the day. We'll for this teamup they had me stay in Spanish and my other companions went to an English area for the day. Which kinda meant I had to teach lessons by myself with Sister Fife which was really scary at first but I prayed sooooo much for the gift of tongues that day and relied on God to help me. Before this my companions tried to give me comfort by doing IRA which is basically reading scriptures to me and applying it … 1 Nephi 3:7 was my favorite. I even told sister Fife to pray for me alot during lessons and told her I could translate her testimony during the lessons aha. The first lesson went amazing with a recent convert and we tought the word of wisdom. He had a friend named Beto that sat in for the lesson and well he was drinking … perfect timing am I right ahah … he really liked the word of wisdom and was super interested in our church and learning more said he would like us to teach him!!! We taught another lesson to the girlfriend of Nahum (Alie) and originally I was going to teach the 2,000 stripping warrior story to Nahum but ended up teaching Alie … perfect story am I right ahah. We had a member join in on the lesson to help me with spanish but boy did she LOVE the story and committed to going to church!!!! Another cool miracle happened as well, we found 2 people on the streets who were interested in our message and invited tons of people to church!!!

You may ask why is this so cool, well I'll tell ya. Before the teamups it was originally suppose to me in the English area but sister Fife got a feeling to keep me in Spanish and her and her companion prayed about it for 3 days to see if this was the right thing to have me stay and do this all by myself. Anyways I guess my spanish was on crack because when my companions got back they were impressed how well I could speak the language when we had to do the 2 practice teachings for Hermana Ducourant to pass them off. I'm forever grateful that Heavenly Father trusts me that I could do this and be able to rely on him and use his enabling power of his atonement.

1 Nephi 3:7
And it came to pass that I, Nephi, said unto my father: I will go and do the things which the Lord hath commanded, for I know that the Lord giveth no commandments unto the children of men, save he shall prepare a way for them that they may accomplish the thing which he commandeth them.


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