April 11, 2023



Hermana Macievic

Miracle Tendies

Hola buenos días muchachos!!!

Welcome to my amazing life of being a missionary !!!! This week was a week of good weather and some amazing tans while walking outside and even going to a park and converting random people to Christ. Today we are getting an oil change for our car and get to go to downtown Tracy and go shopping with the other sisters
Fun fact actually! Tracy always has a farmers market on Saturdays and we got to go to it for our lunch break!! I ordered a hog dog and snow cone, which was a bit pricey but a change from eating Mexican food.
Easter was really cool in the ward! We got to hear musical numbers from members who are so musically inclined and can sing so beautifully. I gave my easter candy to basically all of the kids … well except one kid who was like 6 years old and rejected my offer to give him candy … he said he was all good and didn't want it.. he was taught well ahah. We had lessons and did a little easter activity with easter eggs and candy along with scriptures to tell the story of Jesus last week on this earth (Thanks to the Parry family)! Whoever knew that the guards at Jesus' tomb were bad ….. Not me, I don't think I ever understood the story until my companion explained more of the story.
Update on Alfredo…. We had a lesson at the mall and a lot is going on in his life so he is not on date for baptism anymore but hopefully will be soon maybe late April. He kind of came to his lesson “under the influence” but hey he still desires to be baptized and that's what matters more.

☆ Started teaching 2 new people this week just by walking in the park! People really like us preaching the word ahah
☆ Found an inactive member that hasn't come to church for years because she didn't have a ride and we found her one so she could start going again! After we left her house, she gave us 3 full groceries bags full of food and said we were angels to her!!
☆ Visited 2 part member families and soon we might put them on a date for baptism !!!

Interesting Things That Happened:
○ A member gave us a pizza to go then we went to this new place and got frostys, and ordered ice cream I also had the best fries I've ever had so that was pretty fun!!!
○ I found an unused Burts Bees chapstick at the park!!!
○ Tried sea salt chocolate for the first time and it wasn't that bad.
○Printed get-to-know-you questions in the car to help with Spanish
○ There's a Fair going on in the back of the mall and it looked super sick
○ Went to Rages Threading place for my companion to get her eyebrows done it was the most impressive thing I've seen
○Learned how to make pupusas during English class from Martha
○ Had Zone conference … that was the most traumatizing experience in my life
○ Nunca Pensé by David Archer is a BOP

Spiritual thought:
I've personally been trying to develop poise in my missionary work this week… let me tell ya… it isn't easy!!! When things don't go how they should, it's hard for me to be calm in those situations, but hey… that's life. I kind of view this mission as a soccer game almost. When things don’t really go the way I want …. I usually would get mad at other players and want to tap out because I was dead tired from running so much and take a break but now I realized I need to have a level head and be more Christlike to people around me and keep going when things get rough and hard. I've realized that God is on my side and wants me to succeed and do my best and I know that my best is enough. Having poise brings me closer to the Savior. Trusting in Him also helps us overcome challenges. Think more from an eternal perspective and not in worldly things like focusing on things that matter most. Also knowing who you truly are to God!

Scripture: Mark 4:39
39 And he arose and rebuked the wind, and said unto the sea, Peace, be still. And the wind ceased, and there was a great calm.


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