April 5, 2023



Hermana Macievic


Hola buenos días muchachos!!!

Happy Holy Week or La Semana Santa!!! I honestly had no clue what this was until my mission president explained it over zoom to the mission. I found out it's a guide that can help us explain and celebrate the last week of Jesus Christ. From last Sunday to this coming Sunday. The church created these videos on the website below so we could learn more about Christ's death and resurrection. It's really good so I recommend everyone to check it out.
The weather in California has been a little windy but the sun is out more and it's starting to get warm!!! Anyways this week has been crazy busy. We have been teaching tons of lessons and there's less time to meet new people and we have been going to zone meetings a lot more. We also had general conference this weekend which was super fun we got to watch it and eat food with some of the members. We had little bingo games to play with the kids during the talks (definitely wished I did it when I was young) Got to take a mini break from doing missionary work and listen to the broadcast in Spanish….ended up putting an ear bud in and listening to it in English because my brain hurt and I wanted to feel the spirit. Yesterday I got to take a little road trip to see my 3 amigos be baptized and it was the best day on my mission so far.

☆ CHRISTIAN CEASAR AND PABLO GOT BAPTIZED ON APRIL 3rd!!! They didn't know I was coming to the baptism but when they saw me they were super happy and I got to be a witness when they went underwater! Their expressions almost left me with tears because it took them so long to be where they are and I just loved seeing all the members and stake president's there. It felt like home.... they will receive the Holy Ghost on Easter Sunday! But that's not all…
☆JUAN CARLOS GOT BAPTIZED!! Another person that I taught is getting baptized today at 7pm which technically means there are 4 people this week that I taught that are becoming a child of God. Sadly I won't be able to make it but I'm so proud of him.

Interesting Things That Happened:
○ In between General Conference me and my companions had lunch in the church and I tried to warm up my tortilla "Mexican style" which was me putting it directly on the burner…. I ended up forgetting about it while making my beans and all of a sudden I hear my companion saying HERMANA!! I had looked to find out that my tortilla was burnt and was black and smelt like a fire but that didn't stop me!!! I salvaged what I could and took off the burnt parts and ate it anyway because I was hungry…. After that disaster, we ended up making pancakes because we found pancake mix and some syrup at the church along with butter !!! It was a straight miracle for us and we made them "Mexican style " as well and used an oven pan and put that on the burner and well it worked!!! Even though you could see a little smoke here and there it cooked the pancakes super well and it was very enjoyable.
○ Goal-setting meetings are my favorite !!! We got to drive with the sisters, have a fun little dinner date at Chipotle, and go to Target because we had extra time! We got to actually participate and watched the boys discuss numbers that we wanted for April as a zone… It's so funny it's like my favorite part watching them decide on how many baptisms we want to see and then them asking the sisters for some sensible advice
○ Went to a new restaurant called Mr. Pickles before the baptism because we got a gift card from a member. It was pretty dang good and I got a free cookie!
○ Got an Oreo cake from a member because they didn't want it … never been so blessed
○ I ran 33 minutes straight … so proud of that
○Kinda obsessed with cutting my split ends with scissors… rip my hair
○ Also did an English fast for a day and it honestly helps me learn Spanish

Spiritual thought:
Had a really cool experience being on a team with another sister from our zone and she switched with my companion who knows more Spanish than me and my other companion. We had about 5 lessons that day and we decided to just talk about prophets and hype up the general conference for everyone. Not everybody had the same views on prophets but we ended up teaching as much as we could and it really helped me appreciate why we have a living prophet today because without him we wouldn't be able to have the authority of God and be lost. I can testify that we have living prophets today that lead and guide us to the truth. We should follow their invitations, have faith, and endure with love for God!

Scripture: Mathew 22: 37-39
37Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind.
38 This is the first and great commandment. 39 And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.


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