February 22, 2023



Hermana Macievic


Hola de nuevo, soy yo

I'm feeling a lot better now and my sickness has gone away!! I now have to carry an epi-pen whenever I go now so that's good. My bruises are still there but my Spanish has grown more and more every day! I LOVE being a missionary, I have grown so much to find joy in the work we get to do! Some days are hard but in the end, our efforts are all known and we will always have a companion with us as long as we choose to follow him!

The work here in Tracy has been growing! We had 2 of our friends come to church and stay for both hours and the lunch after for the linger longer!!!! Freddy, one who came to church, has committed to be baptized and we are trying to find a date for him !!! Nahum, who is the other one, has been a little difficult, but he just needs to get married and put a ring on it! We have another friend named Ivan that we help read the Book of Mormon but we are trying to help him progress to baptism soon! We also have Alison who was baptized and is from Columbia. All we need to do is print off names with her so we can go to the Oakland temple with her !!

We had cool miracles experiences with this one couple that lived in the middle of a ranch and we had to go off-roading on the dirt road to get there. We listened to some pretty LDS country music and I have never felt happier. We got there and were greeted by 3 men drinking beer. We asked if they knew Ana and they said she was inside! We went inside to share a quick message, but ended up teaching the restoration lesson to her and her husband and gave them a Book of Mormon. They said we could come back next time. We also have been having little miracles of meeting couples on the streets and being interested in hearing more of what we are teaching!

Interesting Things That Happened:
○ Got my EpiPen!
○ Got into a Bible Bash with a woman who would not let us leave until we converted on the spot. Tried to leave 3× but she would not let us leave until we walked away mid convo aha
○ Got to hold a TORTUGA!!!!
○ Got to see the most beautiful sunsets from our apartment
○ Made my comps put hydrogen peroxide in their ears to clean their wax out
○ Finally got to eat an orange off of an orange tree
○ During English class I drew a random figure named Jimmy and they kept making jokes about it.
○ Saw an air balloon close to our apartment

Spiritual thought: Shaq's story
A member spoke in our church last Sunday about his experience with Shaq. He was a professional dog trainer and trained dogs for a couple of celebrities. He went to travel to an island where Shaquille O'Neal had a house. As he went to go train his dog he was trying to get the dog to go pee and his co-worker said to him "dude I think he's peeing" he was like I know when a dog Pees and his friend said to him again " No Shaq is peeing in a bush" as he turns he saw him peeing in a bush. As Shaq is peeing in a bush there was a tour bus that came around the corner with a bunch of people on board. They didn't see the bottom part of Shaq and they were just waving to him and Shaq, being the tall man he was, was waving back smiling as if nothing happened. The man in our ward made this into a spiritual thought that not everything is what it seems! Kinda like when we go contact random people on the street. We don't know what they go through until we get to know them even if they look mean or scary! You get to see miracles come from those contacts and that's where you find joy!

Scripture: 3 Nephi 13: 8
Be not ye, therefore, like unto them, for your Father knoweth what things ye need before you ask him.

☆ " You look like your 14" - Nahum


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